Sunday, May 28, 2006

Crazy Kisses by Tara Janzen

Whew! Life is good again! Kid Chaos and Nikki's book rocked. I love the way Janzen always includes the foundations of a second romance in her books - this one included Travis and Jane, who get their story after Dylan and Skeeter's. But I digress. When we last left Kid and Nikki, Kid had returned for a short, quick visit and a short, quick quickie *g*. Then back off to Colombia he went to finish avenging his brother's death.

Crazy Kisses picks up in Panama, where Nikki has chased Kid down. Janzen has always done a fantastic job creating the attraction between these two, and this book is no different. The air between them practically sizzles with the sexual tension as well as the tensions from things left unsaid, like why Kid went off and left for 7 months without a word after professing his love to Nikki. Almost immediately, Nikki is thrown into Kid's unstable, life-threatening, violent world, and this is a major source of conflict for them. As in the last book, a sketch is worth a thousand words, and when Kid sees Nikki's drawings of him in full battle mode, he doesn't like what he sees through her eyes. Again, I really felt this non-verbal communication was more powerful than a conversation might have been. Well done on Janzen's part.

Our H/H escape back to Denver where the fun begins. Enter Travis (Nikki"s "sex angel" model from book 1 as a much more fleshed out, and likable, character - thank goodness!) and Jane and the "Rats". And welcome back to Janzen's sense of humor in what otherwise might not be very funny situations. Street rat/gangbang wannabes chanting in homage to the one that got out in an effort to win her back, along with their treatment of Travis provided some well needed relief to the tension of Kid and Nikki's story.

I felt that the storyline in Crazy Kisses was much more believable and easy to follow than Crazy Wild was. I was there with it the entire way. Ok, the street rat storyline was a stretch, but I go back to a statement I made in my review of the first two books - accept it as entertainment value and move on, and it was absolutely a-ok and plausible in this storyline.

As the story moves forward, Nikki comes to accept who and what Kid is and does, and Kid does as well. Janzen did a great job over the course of the 4 books growing and maturing these two and moving their relationship from the bloom of first lust/love into a strong lasting emotional connection. Oh, and the bit with the rings Kid wears around his neck for the entire book? (not wanting to give too much away here)... Goodness, I totally fell in love with him over that. Didn't you? And, I absolutely loved the ending. It was a great, upbeat, fun way to end an intense story arc. Crazy Kisses definitely redeemed the Crazy series for me. I cannot wait to read Dylan and Skeeter's story in Crazy Love. Only one more month to go!


  1. Heh heh. Now of all of them, this is the one I had issues with. I kept waiting for Nikki to light into Kid for constantly leaving her. I felt a bit robbed that she never told him how much he had hurt her. Still - I did love it too.

  2. Well, I admit I kind of expected that, too. And was kind of surprised that she never really did. But I felt like he got his anyway with those drawings. Ouch.

  3. Yea but he still never gave her the kiss ass apology that she deserved. She let him off too easily I thought.

  4. Man, I can't wait to read these. LOL

  5. Anne, they are in the mail to you :)

  6. I reviewed this one on our site today and blogger ate it, so I'm just going to comment on your review instead..LOL

    I agree with Kristie(j) about Nikki letting Kid off too easily for disappearing on her so often, but I loved the book despite that. It was pretty much everything I expected.

    I can't wait for the next book to be released!


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