Monday, November 30, 2009

Naked in Death by JD Robb, or why I blame Christine

I blame Christine for this, completely. I have successfully avoided the In Death series for close to 15 years now, but she had to go start a challenge. Now I know why I’ve avoided it. Because I knew I’d be hooked. I just knew it. I couldn't even wait for the official start of the challenge. Damn you, woman!

If there’s anyone who doesn’t know this series, well, crawl out from under your rock. You’ll just need to google the synopsis. So there. I’m just going to start right in.

I really loved how Robb not only wrote this as a suspense, and as a romance, but also as a social commentary. That was what grabbed me almost immediately. The commentary on everything from gun control to birth control to genetic engineering to legalized prostitution and drugs. From extreme conservatism to pharmaceuticals and their evolution and cost due to the control of disease. Yet the common cold and the cockroach are still unresolved problems, never to be wiped out. Flat out loved it.

Moving on… Eve. She’s tough, yet vulnerable. Strong, but still needs someone to lean on. Smart as a whip. In your face. Roarke. Enigmatic. Mysterious, yet at the same time, totally open to Eve. He’s the one who shows his vulnerability first. Shows his interest in the relationship. Wants her uncontrollably. Yummy.

The story and suspense portion were very well done. Although I guessed the whodunit fairly early on, I still was pulled into the story by the uniqueness of the setting, the grimness of the characters and the crimes, and the potential of the romance. The sameness of our world set against the possibility of our future and what it might hold.

Now I can’t wait to read the next one, and I blame it all on Christine.


  1. I can't believe you just now started this series...I almost envy you. To go back and start fresh from the beginning...

  2. LMOA! That Christine is an evil woman.

    Welcome to the world of Eve and Roarke! It just gets better and better IMO.

  3. Congrats on starting the series!! Woohoo! You're in for a treat, Lori :D

    and LOL, poor Christine. I think she's going to get blamed a lot :)

  4. I'm also new to the series. I was always saying that I most certainly won't start with this JD Robb thing. My friend kept pushing and pushing, saying nice things about it and eventually borrowing me this Naked in Death ("in case you some day want to try it..."). It was on my shelf many months, until a little bit under a year ago I finally picked it up. I didn't want to like it, but I did. Well, I did have something against Eve, but I still liked her. But I totally fell in love with Roarke!!!
    I've been reading them every now and then. I'm now reading book #5. Book by book I've learned to love Eve more and I think the books just keep getting better and better. We both have lovely stories ahead of us discovering this series only at this point. It's nice to know we won't have to wait for releases cause there's already so many books out there :)

  5. LOLOL! I love your review, Lori. And if people are going to point fingers at me, talk about me in whispers, blame me for stuff.... I'm so happy it's all because I started this 'In Death' reading challenge and I got y'all addicted to this series!

    I'm so glad you mentioned the social commentary aspect of this series. I found that both creative and insightful.

    I think one of the things that I like about Eve is that she has this wall of protection around herself and even someone as powerful and influential as Roarke doesn't easily get past her self imposed barriers. She's got resolve, and I like that. Yeah, that resolve is because she's got issues, but still. She puts herself first and I admire that. Conversely, I hope as she grows, she changes a bit in that department.

    Thank you so much for jumping in, Lori! :)

    Maija, you're more than welcome to join our "In Death" Reading challenge. We'd love to share the Eve & Roarke love with you throughout the year! :)

  6. *play Twilight Zone music here*

    I JUST reread Naked In, the one who NEVER rereads anything. And did so, at the same time you, who NEVER reaches for Robb, decided to succumb.

    Can you hear the spooky music? ;-)

    Oh, and I finished England's Perfect Hero too. Thank you, that was Wow.

    Hope you are feeling better!

    A handful (a FULL handful) of reviews coming soon (does January count as soon?). LOL

    KEEP reading on In Death!

  7. LOL - I don't normally do this, but I just left a long-assed comment at Patti's blog 'cause she just read this one too. So to make things quicker 'cause SYTYCD will be starting shortly and I still haven't had dinner - I'm just going to paste what I said at 'her place'.

    I'm happy to see you give this series a go. I've been entranced by it for years now. Now whenever I read her newest release, it's like visiting friends.
    There are so many things I love about it but a couple - seeing Eve grow and change as a woman and a person and see her slowly allowing people into her life. She seemed like such a lonely soul in Naked in Death.
    And (hopefully this isn't a spoiler) seeing Eve and Roarke become such a devoted couple considering they started at opposite ends of the spectrum. And it's different to see the male protagonist being the more nurturing one of the couple.
    It's amazing that when this series first started, some of the things seemed unbelievable - such as 'links where they could see each other as they talked. This was before the real advent of cell phones and now look at where we are now in relationship to them!!
    I hope you post about all the books you read so we can travel along the journey with you - it will be almost like taking it again myself :-)

    And me here with something to add. I just got The Lost the other day. It's wonderful getting two new In Death books so close together *big happy smile*

  8. Lol...My friend keeps pushing me to start the series.. And i keep refusing to.. Even though I love Nora Roberts...

  9. Holly, Leslie, and Nath: Yeah, i'm hooked. Which is the exact reason I avoided it for so damn long.

    Maija: I'm now up to book 4 (2 other reviews coming for Glory in Death & Immortal in Death). There is definitely something about Eve. She's got this hidden vulnerability in her. I'm excited to see what more is in store for her and Roarke.

    Christine: There are worse things to be blamed for, true. Can you believe that I had to order one of the next books from my library because they don't have it? Wow.

    JB: You reread? How did I not know you were reading this? I would have loved to review it with you. And damn, has it been that long since we hooked up? Like a week? LOL. Get your IM back up at your new job. I miss our morning chats. Oh, and SO glad you liked my Bit.

    Kristie: I agree, Roarke is definitely the more nurturing of the two, and given his background, I'm amazed he came out as loving as he did. Of course, now I know all about Summerset, but still...

    Aleena, I don't much care for NR, which was another reason I was hesitant to begin this series. But I jumped in after years of everyone begging me to read it. I promise if you read Naked in Death, you'll be hooked, so only go there if you mean to continue, LMAO.

  10. Well at least, you don't have to wait long for the rest of the series!! :D

  11. Lol.. ok maybe Ill give it a shot.. now i dont know if i should be hoping to like it or not!


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