Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Crazy Love by Tara Janzen

I've seen any number of reader reviews for this book, most of which were disappointed in the latest offering in the Crazy series. I beg to disagree. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Dylan and Skeeter's story was almost everything I thought it would be. Dylan's instincts toward Skeeter once again get him into trouble as he oversteps in his desire to protect her and she overreacts in her desire to prove herself to be, if not his equal, then at least a capable adult. I have to admit, I did enjoy how Skeeter had the complete upper hand for the majority of the book, while Dylan was under the influence of some pretty heavy duty drugs. I loved that his defenses were down, that he admitted his love for her, that he became a bit goofy. I loved that he got jealous. And he only belabored the age difference a couple times, for which I was grateful.

Travis is now in the SDF group, and we see his transformation from gentle angel into badass militant. If there is one huge flaw here, it is that this is all explained with about a 3 paragraph entry, and Travis really has no bad feelings about killing. I would think that even if he accepts what he is doing as right, he would still feel a bit of angst when he kills, but no. Once I got past that little characterization flaw, I was able to enjoy Travis. I was disappointed to see that he wasn't together with Jane from Crazy Kisses, I must admit, I thought that was leading somewhere. But I did enjoy Red Dog, and I was sorry to see her story end the way it did. I hope that she gets her memory back in Crazy Sweet - I liked who she was. The ending set up the storyline for Crazy Sweet, as Janzen always does, we got a "coming soon" excerpt. I'm hoping that Red Dog turns out to be a bit more well rounded as a character than the brief glimpse I got in the excerpt. Anyway, back to Travis... I must say, I've enjoyed watching him become a bit more alpha. I must admit, he was not my favorite in the first book.

I did have one major issue with this book, and it was really with the editing I suppose more than anything. Many people will miss it, but it completely threw me out of the story and it took me a while to get back in. As I was happily reading, I came across my biggest pet peeve word ever - orientating. People, there is no such word!!! The word is orienting! Puleeze get it right! It took me a good 10 minutes to get over that and get back to reading the book. Ick.

Once again, Janzen went for the entertainment value. This book had nonstop action from almost beginning to end. I thought the interactions between Dylan and Skeeter were great. I could totally picture the goofy drugged smile on Dylan's face, and I loved the fact that his hallucinations were in day-glo pink. I laughed when someone misstook Skeeter for Pink. The cars were back in a big way, too, complete with all the descriptions, the names, and the sex. While this one didn't surpass Crazy Hot as my fave, it certainly comes in right up there near the top.


  1. I agree with you, that I enjoyed the book. I had some small quibbles with it and it didn't quite live up to my expectations, but I wouldn't give it a bad review. It's pure escapism, requires total suspension of disbelief and the book doesn't apologize for that. She wrote these books over the top and as long as I remember that, I enjoy them :)

  2. Ah good! I'm not the only one who really liked this one. After reading the review at Dear Author, I wondered if it was just me who enjoyed it. I didn't mind that the sex scenes took more of a back seat on this one; sometimes it's a bit refreshing almost. Almost. And I loved how goofy Dylan was over Skeeter too. And while I liked Jane for Travis, I think I liked Red Dog better. And yea I agree his turnaround was a bit quick but I still thought this one an excellent entry in the series.

  3. I absolutely cannot wait to get this book. Grinning...


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