Monday, October 09, 2006

Some Ebook Buzz... Jebediah's Promise by Adrianna Dane

I forget where I read about this book, but what I remembered was that the H/H were married... and happy. It's not often you see that in a romance, so I thought to pick this one up. Well, I have mixed reviews. Mostly, I imagine, because of my own mixed feelings about the Iraq war. This book is about a soldier who is deployed, and is captured. Many of the scenes are flashbacks, some told from his perspective, some from Trudy, his wife's.

What I liked: I lovedlovedloved that this was a married couple, depicted in love, without marital strife, with a happy, healthy sex life. THANK you, Adrianna Dane! They have hot sex, a deep, abiding emotional connection, and a sense of fun and adventure.

I liked the H/H as individuals. They each come to the table with strength of character. I liked the romance that still exists between them. I liked the way they felt so connected to one another, even so far apart and in such dire circumstances. Many happy years together can do that to a couple. I did like that Dane attempted to show that not all Iraqis are contemptuous of the US.

What I didn't like: Like KarenS, I'm not certain that I'm happy with an Iraq setting. I think I'm too conflicted about the war itself - not supportive of the war, yet wanting to be supportive of the troops that are actually there, ya know? So I was uncomfortable with that aspect.

Where was Jeb and Trudy's family? The only support she had was the other wives (a mighty support system indeed). Also, I somehow doubt that the military is as forthcoming with information as they seemed to be with Trudy.

So, taking away from all this... what I liked was the romance. What I didn't like was the setting.
This novella is available at Amber Quill Press.


  1. I don't think I'd be able to read this ~ the setting would probably take away too much of the buck for me and I ccoudn't enjoy it.

  2. Sheesh ~ I've got to learn how to preview. Note to self ~ don't talk on the phone and try to make a comment in blogland at the same time. It just doesn't work.

    I meant book, not buck. Sheesh.

  3. I would have to agree Lori and Devonna. The setting would be difficult. I do like the happily married H and H though. A catch 22, eh?

  4. Hi Lori, thanks so much for the great review of Jebediah's Promise. I found this entry when your blog came up in a search I was doing today. I just wanted to say one thing about Jebediah's Promise. I don't actually say in the book where Jeb is sent overseas. If you also look closely, I don't say what base he is stationed at in the United States. Many people have assumed that the country is Iraq--but really, it could be during any time period, in any country where our soldiers have been called to assist. I specifically did not mention the country or the base. I have found it interesting that most of the reviews about Jebediah's Promise have assumed it takes place in Iraq. :-)

    I love writing romance and this one was close to my heart because my son-in-law is currently stationed overseas (not in Iraq) and my son spent two deployments overseas (in Iraq). My daughter and spending time with her on an Army base during my SIL's first deployment were the inspiration for this story.

    But thank you again--marriage and love and commitment should all go together. And I do love writing about that.


  5. Thanks for visiting our blog Adrianna! I think with our country at war, and with the assistance that Jeb received in the book, it is such an easy leap to make to assume that he was in Iraq, but you are correct that the book never does specifically state that he is in Iraq.

    And I would like to thank you again for depicting such a loving marriage. It is something far too seldom seen in romances today.

    I'll heep your son and son-in-law in my prayers.


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