Monday, May 21, 2007

Not Quite a Lady by Loretta Chase

Long Time no blog! I've read a few that make me want to actually blog again, so here's the first. Next up *gasp* a paranormal! But first...

Not Quite a Lady by Loretta ChaseThis is the latest in the Carsington series. I approached it with a little bit of unease – the last two had left me a tad disappointed. After all, my first two Chase books were Lord Perfect and Lord of Scoundrels. I’m happy to say that although this book doesn’t compare to those two (they are definitely in a league of their own), I thoroughly enjoyed Not Quite a Lady. I found both Darius and Charlotte to be likeable characters. I found Charlotte to be especially sympathetic, and thoroughly enjoyed watching her open up to Darius.

What I liked: There was a stepmother in this book. Chase avoided the “evil stepmother” cliché, and gave Lizzy (what a great name for a stepmother!) and Charlotte an especially close relationship, even though Lizzy is only 9 years older than Charlotte. Charlotte’s parents are loving, caring people, and when her “secret” comes out, her father only wants what’s best for her, despite his shock.

I liked that Charlotte managed to turn men away without being rude or “spinsterish” and acquiring a reputation as nasty. Men still adore her.

I liked that Darius was the first to say I love you. Those Carsington men are something special, aren’t they? He has a great sense of humor, great looks, and a desire to make it on his own, once challenged to do so by his father.

I liked the references to Darius’ brothers. He frequently referenced (in his own mind, as well as out loud) being the youngest of a large family of boys, and how that influenced him. I loved that he was sensitive to Charlotte, and how he never once turned away from her when he figured out that Pip was her son.

I loved the laughter during the sex scenes – especially in the laundry room. That was terrific.

Also loved the very short glimpse we get of Olivia (Benedict and Bathsheba’s daughter) teaching Pip to play (read: cheat) whist.

What I didn’t like: How on earth do a 16 year old and a newly married 25 year old hide a pregnancy from their father/husband? Truly? Did he never come to visit while his beloved daughter was so ill? I found that portion of the story a tad unbelievable.

All in all, I enjoyed this book a great deal more than the previous two installments. That’s it for the Carsington brothers – I only hope Olivia grows up soon and is next in line – what a great heroine she will make!


  1. I stopped reading this book because it was slow going for me. I started POISON STUDY which I put down to read a couple of westerns from my haul from the new UBS. Weird reading cycle I'm on. Maybe I'll pick this up again. Who knows?

  2. Hmm, I think Izzy told me about this book, you liked it? That's good cause I was planning on reading it when I got it...good review sweetie!

  3. Another great review Chick. Thanks! I've got this one on order.

  4. Why don't you cancel it, and I'll chuck it in the box I'm gonna send to ya.


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