Sunday, June 10, 2007

Risk by Ann Christopher

I met Ann Christopher at Lori Foster's Reader/Writer Weekend and found her to be so delightful I had to buy one of her books. And boy am I glad I did.

A Spark Of Desire...
Fine and fearless, Justus Robinson doesn't hesitate to hit on gorgeous law student Angela Dennis at his brother's wedding even though she's the bride's sister. That night the two share an unforgettably sexy dance, but nothing more--until ten years later when a tragedy reunites them...

...A Test Of Love
Angela has barely healed from a breakup when her sister and brother-in-law are killed in an accident. Sharing their grief, Justus and Angela discover they are still attracted to one another. But when they find themselves competing to adopt their orphaned young niece, their rekindled passion is sorely tested. Justus is determined to raise the child even if it means alienating the woman he's never stopped wanting. Reeling from loss and tormented by her desire for Justus, Angela makes a drastic move--one that will change the lives of everyone involved...

Although there's very little actual sex, there's a lot of sexual tension. When Angela and Justus first meet, she's seven years older than he. Since he's seventeen at the time, that's a whopping big deal. She's embarrassed that she's attracted to him, hence just the one dance at the wedding. He's also deeply attracted to her although it's primarily sexual - hey he's seventeen, what do you expect?

When they meet again 10 years later, she's being publicly dumped by her boyfriend of three years from whom she'd been expecting a marriage proposal. Justus tries to comfort her even though he's there with another woman. During the intervening 10 years he's become a serious player so of course the other woman is HOT, but he's not serious about her. Seeing Angela again after 10 years reminds him of how special she is.

Seemingly the next day, his brother and Angela's sister die in a freak car accident that leaves their little three year old daughter, Maya, unharmed. Now, Angela is an attorney who never had any time for Maya because she was too focused on her career. Justus, on the other hand, had established a loving relationship with her over the last three years. Naturally, Angela takes her in but she's feeling overwhelmed. She'd just been dumped and then her last relative (sister) died and, of course, she hasn't a clue how to deal with Maya. Justus sees this as the perfect opportunity to pursue Angela while spending time with Maya whom he already loves.

Angela and Justus are three dimensional characters. They are so real. I understood how Angela felt about talking with a three year old stranger - panic. LOL Christopher takes her time with these characters so they are fully formed and I ached for them when they misunderstood each other or reacted out of their own insecurities. The relationship Justus has with his father is fascinating too. Oh and I kept picturing Justus as the actor Henry Simmons who played Det. Baldwin Jones on NYPD Blue. But that was just MY imagination. LOL Christopher has a real gift for describing an action in just a few words so that you can easily picture the emotion in the activity.

I highly recommend this book and plan to get her others: Trouble and Just About Sex.

Remember the grading system? I'd give Risk an A.


  1. I remember meeting her last year at the get together and thinking that I needed to get her book. Now I really want to read her. Great review. Thanks, Linda! And Henry Simmons... great visual on the hero - yum!

  2. I emailed Ann and told her that's how I pictured Justus and she confessed Simmons had been her template. Does that tell you how good she is? LOL

  3. Wonderful review Linda - Definitely makes me want to read this book. And I'm overdue for a new-to-me author that Wows me.

  4. Wow, this was another great review, you've got me sold...

  5. Linda, I completely agree with your review, it was a fab read for me, and I'll certainly be buying more of her stuff!


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