Wednesday, October 03, 2007

2 by Allison Brennan, 1 from Lisa Kleypas

Hey all... long time, no post! Here I am in Boston, on business with nothing to do but read. So I'll just do a few quickies for you.

Speak No EvilSpeak No Evil by Allison Brennan
This is the first in the "Evil" series. Loosely tied to The Hunt, it is the story of Nick Thomas and Carina Kincaid. It's hard for me to compare Allison Brennan's writing to any one in particular. I'll say that it's my first book by her, and I loved it. She writes as grisly as Lisa Jackson, characterizes as well as Karen Rose, and inserts more romance than Mariah Stewart. It had it all - everything I love. And it all still circulated around the police procedure and their interactions, and the building of their case. I just completely dug it. Thanks, Nikki! (I got this one from her at our So Cal get together). No plot synopsis from me, but you can read it here.

See No EvilSee No Evil by Allison Brennan
Book 2 in the series. Once again, as Mariah Stewart does, Brennan is writing a series about a family of law enforcement officers. This one is Connor Kincaid's story (brother to the heroine in book 1). Again, no plot synopsis; read it here. I found this one to be especially disturbing, as its theme kind of hit a bit close to home. Hubby is a special ed teacher for high school students with emotional disturbance, so a lot of the issues explored here rang true for me. Having said that, the book was excellently written, and was completely enjoyable nonetheless. Cover to cover, no stops. This one is less grisly; more psychological issues are explored in depth, and it's a tougher read because of it. But, that makes it all the more impressive, because it's done very well, and in no way is it preachy. Just the opposite. Brennan incorporates parts of unhappy teenage life into this book with aplomb, and the H/H want to help them not out of the illusion of altruism, but out a true desire to help and love. Don't get me wrong, the book still has its share of creepiness. In spades. It's just a bit deeper in theme, and richer for it. Of course, that could just be my personal ties to the subject matter... Again, I loved it. Can't wait to get my hands on Fear No Evil.

Mine Til MidnightMine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas
Shifting gears from creepy to sexy... I snagged this at the So Cal blogger get together. Borders put it out a day or so early, and thank goodness, because I was dying to read it on the plane to Boston. So... what did you all think of it? Come on, I know you've read it.

I liked it. A lot. Not with the all-consuming passion that is due my Nick, or even Derek (for all you Derek lovers out there). Cam Rohan is a wonderful hero, though. He is smart, sexy, nice (yes, really, really nice), caring; is that where we go wrong? If there was a great flaw (and I use the words "great flaw" loosely, because the book was terrific), it would be that there wasn't enough transition time for me between the "I'm not getting involved" Cam and the wonderful, sweet, involved Cam. I liked them equally, but although we saw his struggle between being part of civilized London and the desire for the free life of the Gypsies, I don't feel as though Kleypas gave us enough of a transition with Cam and Amelia.

Also, I was a tad disappointed with the ending for Leo. I would have liked a bit more resolution, whether that was killing him off or giving him a bit more closure. Additionally, I really wanted to see more of Win and Merripen! Now that was a secondary romance to read about! Is their book to come? I highly doubt it - they seemed too resolved, but still... more, more, more!

Having said all that, it sounds as if I didn't like the book, but I really did! It was fast paced, and in general I liked both the H&H, although I found Amelia a bit too bossy at times. But the times when her vulnerablity and warmth toward her family showed, such as during the bee incident and afterward when she shared about her sibling's teasing, she became so much more likeable, and so much more... *pausing for the right word* worthy of Cam. *shaking head - no, that isn't really the word I wanted*

Definitely not the Kleypas of old, but what is these days? But it's a good, solid book, and a thoroughly enjoyable one. And, it has to be hard to live up to the hype - this has been such a highly anticipated book. The screeching for Cam, Cam, Cam could be heard from the rooftops for the last couple years.


  1. Allison Brennan is someone I haven't read yet. I think I might have at least one of hers buried in the tbr. I liked MINE TILL MIDNIGHT. I agree it's a good solid read. My only gripe was with how long it took Amelia to say yes to Cam's marriage proposal. Seemed like a no-brainer to me and didn't ring true that she'd hold out so long.

  2. Yes! I so agree with you, Rosie. Why oh why was she not all over that like a bee on honey? (excuse the bee reference there...)

  3. My Mom's been pushing both Allison Brennan series. Sounds like you liked them so I'll have to give them a try!

  4. I just got Mine Till Midnight last night ~ I can't wait to read it (but will have to. I want to finish the Twilight series first).

  5. I don't have Mine Till Midnight yet, but I do have the Allison Brennan books on my shelf, this trilogy plus the one before it, so I need to make a spot in my reading order for them... but right now I'm gloming Scotsmen/Highlanders/Medievals. Loving them. Plus I've got Susan Mallery's The Sheik and The Christmas Bride WOOT!


  6. LOL - of course - a sheik!! Always a sheik in the mix somewhere :)

  7. Mollie, I highly recommend them. If you like any of the authors I named in the review, you will love these books.

    Anne, I'll send you Mine Till Midnight. No worries. Just pester me til it arrives *g* And *sigh* you have to read the series before it, because the hero in Speak no Evil is from The Hunt. And I know how you are about that....

    Dev, I have a feeling you'll like MTM, too. Can't wait to hear what you think about it!

  8. Hmmm, I didn't enjoy the Allison Brennan like you did. I did like MTM though :P However, I don't want Win and Merripen to have their own book... cos that just mean more trouble and obstacle in their relationship :(

  9. If you visit "The Good, The Bad, & the Unread", there is an unedited excerpt from Win and Merripen's book. Ms. Kleypas hasn't finished it yet, so no release date, but we'll see more of the Hathaway family. I'm guessing Leo will get the third book of that trio.

  10. Well, heck. She didn't kill off Matthew and match him up with Daisy? *sigh* I so wanted the romance with Daisy. *G*

  11. I have some other book that I have to read before I can dig into Cam's book but boy am I looking forward to that book like no other...great review, lightning though it was ;).

    As for the other books, I haven't read anything by them but I will be checking them out sooner or later, so many books to check out these days though but I can't seem to stop reading everyone's reviews and then wanting to read the books myself ...=)


Have you read it? What do you think?

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