Monday, November 26, 2007

Intimate Danger by Amy J. Fetzer

Title: Intimate Danger
Author: Amy J. Fetzer

Type: Labeled Contemporary Romance; I’d call it Romantic Suspense/Military
Series: No
Publisher: Brava

Why: I’ve been reading every new Fetzer title since someone recommended Naked Truth in 2006.

Comments: Intimate Danger is Fetzer’s best work since Naked Truth. About Naked Truth, I wrote “…in Naked Truth, Fetzer gave us a hero and heroine drawn with such depth the reader knew them; and felt just as overcome as they did when sex and emotion converged with surprising poignancy.” Ditto here. Mike and Clancy fall in love, not just adrenaline-inspired lust. Their connection is more emotional, more intellectual than physical. It is palpable to the reader, goose bump palpable. And it starts long before they become sexually intimate. It’s believable too. There are plenty of mini-breaks in the action that many authors would fill with a tumble. Fetzer chooses to let the emotional intimacy, the trust to build first. When they finally do come together, the experience is deeper, more meaningful. Hot, yes. But far more intense than it would be otherwise.

Combined with the story’s break-neck pace, realistic action and elusive mystery, the romance made for a thrill-ride read. NOT a book to read if you’re busy entertaining holiday company. Sigh. I couldn’t wait for everyone to leave so I could get back into this book.

One criticism. There are a number of secondary characters to help further the plot. Not overpowering or distracting. But not interesting either. There are none with the color or vibrancy of a Janzen extra, for example. Some even border on stereotypes. Not enough to hurt the story, but honestly, if Fetzer had extended her characterization skills to all of her players, Intimate Danger would have been flawless for me. As Fetzer’s contemporaries are unconnected, other readers may not see this as a problem. Additionally, there is just enough to these folks, to their interaction, to help flesh out Mike and Clancy.

Ok, two criticisms. The second stems from one unresolved thread in the mystery or conflict. Fetzer addresses it, briefly, but it was far from satisfying. As it was THE conflict for Clancy, it seemed too light a treatment of it in the book’s conclusion. Again, others may not see it that way.

To end on a positive note, I can’t say enough about the romance. Again. Unexpected, exquisite detail and depth. A connection the reader feels. Needed that.

To Save You Some Time: Fetzer’s next release is Come As You Are, due December, 2007.


  1. Yay! You're on a roll. Which is great, cause though I've been reading up a storm, and many of them great, I haven't stopped long enough to post diddly-squat.

    Love Amy J Fetzer, though. I'll definitely put this on my list. Thanks!

  2. Hey Chick! You know, I think it was YOU that recommended Fetzer to me back when. LOL Uh, thanks for that BTW!

    I'd review more, but I'd have to start reading more than a book every 10 days. LOL Used to be a lot more than that.

  3. Hmm, this book sounds really interesting...I'm adding her to my list as well, goodness, you sure are on a roll, I'm loving all of the reviews!


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