Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All Through The Night by Suzanne Brockmann

Title: All Through The Night
Author: Suzanne Brockmann

Type: Romantic Suspense
Series: Yes, Troubleshooters Book #12

Copyright: 2007

Why: It’s Brockmann.

But a funny little piece of history here…As recently as 3 years ago, my reading selections were limited to what my local, very rural, library had on its shelves. Out of recognizable names, I reluctantly picked up Nora’s “other” books—those science fiction looking ones penned under the name of J.D. Robb. Lost my mind over them of course. When I finished catching up, I ventured online to learn more about this series. And THIS was when I discovered the then-small community of romance bloggers. It was like Christmas. My first blogger rec? Brockmann’s Gone Too Far, Sam and Alyssa’s story.

Didn’t lose my mind over it. Flashbacks, multiple story arcs, POVs from an exceptionally large cast of characters--folks who clearly knew each other but to whom I’d not been properly introduced. I was lost. But the cadence of Brockmann’s voice and the military/agency backdrop kept me in the story and I finished relatively satisfied. If not a bit suspect of the fangirl accolades I’d found online.

Looking back, I know that the raves I found in that little circle were warranted. After making my way through her Troubleshooter and Tall, Dark and Dangerous titles, I can tell you that Brockmann is an auto-read for me. I know her casts. And love them. And seeing them gather for Jules nuptials? Well, it was perfect. Just perfect.

Comments: This was my first read of 2008 (bit behind on reviews, ahem). I absolutely loved every single thing about it (with one teensy exception).

What awed me: The love, the heart-stopping emotion that Jules and Robin share. It is palpable. When Jules walks into a room, lays eyes on Robin and just stops—stunned by how much he loves him, I feel it too. Maybe it is because this romance has been so long in the making. Or maybe it is because we know Jules so, so well now. He is a character we love enough to celebrate (confetti celebrate) his own HEA. Maybe it is simply Brockmann’s unique and compelling voice, tugging us particularly deep for this love. Whatever it is, I was impacted virtually every moment these two looked at each other or reached for each other. Powerful stuff.

There is also Brockmann’s trademark wit—the dry humor of her more mature characters and the adolescent humor of nearly all of her men. A well-placed smartass can get a laugh out of me no matter my state of mind. Just met one at a New Year’s Eve party this year and can almost feel the effects of those full-on belly laughs just thinking about Brockmann’s own smart alecs.

That teensy exception: Cosmos. Not enough of him. Of all the Brockmann heroes, Cosmos did it for me in a way no other could. Here, with the in-law connection, I would have liked more of him, more than the cursory snapshots of him, the wife and cheerio-eating toddler. We get him in a bit of action, but even that felt like snapshots. Didn’t detract at all from the story, don’t get me wrong. Just a personal preference—a longing for a character I sometimes need to remind myself is NOT real. Sigh.

Listening to others: I worried at the mention of a mission that puts Jules in danger before he can marry Robin. Thought it would be too much, a tangent instead of a deftly woven thread. Stupid me. Brockmann balanced all of that beautifully. Just a perfect, perfect telling.

Because I haven’t looked before now: Hmmm. Only word her website offers on the next one…Into The Fire, next in the Troubleshooters series, due out Summer, 2008.

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