Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dear Santa by Karen Templeton

I loved this book, although I'm not a big fan of category because I prefer a longer story. Somehow though, Ms. Templeton has managed to give depth to her characters in only 236 pages.

His daughter's birth made him a father.
Becoming a daddy would take a bit longer.…

Connecticut mogul Grant Braeburn never thought he was father material, even though his nearly four-year-old daughter should have convinced him otherwise. But then his ex-wife's death made him Haley's permanent parent. Her only parent. He needed help, in a hurry.

It came in the form of Mia Vaccaro, the lively, lovely party planner who had been his ex-wife's best friend. Mia was the only one who could touch Haley's broken heart. And, Grant was becoming increasingly aware, his as well.…

I can't remember laughing through a book as often as I did while reading Dear Santa. What's remarkable about this is, it isn't a comedy. Both Grant and Mia are dealing with tough issues. He was raised to suppress all emotions so when he's faced with helping his three year old daughter deal with the death of her mother, he's clueless. Mia's former fiance left her 6 weeks before their wedding with no explanations. Luckily, Mia comes from a large, loving family and she's able to help Grant with his daughter, Haley. I'd love to quote a passage that would illustrate the humor but I'm not sure it works without the build-up and knowing the characters. Ms. Templeton delivers humor like a talented comic, her timing, word choice and delivery are perfect. It always seemed to catch me by surprise and I would burst out laughing before I could stop it.

I'm hoping this unique turn of phrase which makes me laugh is Templeton's voice and will be present in all her books. This is the first in a series she's doing called Guys and Daughters. The next two books deal with Mia's brothers.

I'd give this a grade of A.


  1. I've got this one on my TBR as well as the other two in the series. You KNOW I can't read out of order. LOL

  2. Oh man, I'm not big on categories but your review makes me want that turn of phrase you mention. The humor and child's age also appeal. Wow.

  3. There is nothing better on this Earth than well written category romance, and an author who excels at writing the format. Templeton does, and the next two books in the series are just as good.

  4. I just finished the 2nd one in the series (thanks Rosie!). It was also really good. I think I enjoyed it more than Rosie did, though :)

    Just a normie (love that term, Wendy!) and his girl. No danger, no huge problems, just a relationship happening. Great.

  5. Anne, move it to the top of your list ASAP.

    Jennifer, you will really appreciate Haley.

    Thanks, Wendy and Lori, for letting us know Templeton's style carries through the books. Looks like I've got two more books to buy. yippee

  6. Jen- Adding it to the books I have to send you along with others when I finish them. Read DS and it was very good.

  7. Ooh, I'm so looking forward to reading these books.


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