Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Anne's June Reads

I'm not going to review them... sorry, I just don't have the time right now. But here's a list and the grade.

  1. Hotter After Midnight- Cynthia Eden: A
  2. Just Sex - Susan Kay Law: A
  3. At Last - Barbara Bretton: A-
  4. Ladies' Man - Suzanne Brockmann: B
  5. Once Around - Barbara Bretton: A-
  6. Close To You - JoAnn Ross: A-
  7. Promises To Keep - JoAnn Ross: B
  8. Traceless - Debra Webb: C+
  9. Taking The Heat - JoAnn Ross: A-
  10. Not Another Bad Date - Rachel Gibson: A
  11. Hot - Julia Harper: A-
  12. Wanting What You Get - Kathy Love: A-
  13. Getting What You Want - Kathy Love: B+
  14. Wanting Something More - Kathy Love: B+
  15. Once and Always - Judith McNaught: A-
  16. The McKetrrick Way - Linda Lael Miller: B+
  17. The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell - Samantha James: C+
  18. Three Nights of Sin - Anne Mallory: B
  19. Right Here, Right Now - HelenKay Dimon: C-
  20. Sweet Talk - Susan Mallery: D (GAH! Sadness!!)
  21. Until You - Judith McNaught: C+
  22. Every Breath You Take - Judith McNaught: A

I was surprised to see I read so many, but then again I figure with my dad in the hospital and some of the books being very quick reads or books that I skimmed rather than read because they annoyed me, I can see how I read that number.

For two or three of the books I've read this month, I rated them lower because the heroine used sarcasm and smart-ass come backs way too much for my taste. Little zingers here and there... fine. All the time? Doesn't work for me. Makes me think the heroine is bitchy.

Some new-to-me authors like Cynthia Eden, Susan Kay Law, and Julia Harper were really great finds and I'll be looking forward to more from each of them. And I'll be reading the rest of the McNaught historicals as well. Yes, ladies, I do believe you've got me hooked. :-)


  1. Oooh, you started the McKettricks!! Yay!

  2. Yep, McKettricks and Historicals! LOL I'll be on to Brockmann next!!!

  3. I had a lot of new to me authors in my June reading too!

    I've read some of the McKettrick books. I can't remember which ones though. I need to figure that out so I can look for the other ones. lol

    I LURVE Susanne Brockmann's books!

  4. Great list! It's wonderful that you got to read so many :)


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