Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reread Challenge - January: Sweetheart, Indiana by Suzanne Simmons

Sweetheart, Indiana by Suzanne SimmonsWelcome to Sweetheart, Indiana, pop: 11238. Make that 11,239. Gillian Charles has just moved to ton - and the town's all hers. The New York socialite expected to inherit from her grandfather a mansion or two, and maybe even a Roll's Royce, but certainly not a whole town. There's just one minor caveat: she has to live there. Honoring her grandfather's wishes is a must, but what can a small town possibly offer a Big City girl? Well, for starters, tall, dark, and dangerous Sam Law, the executor of the will, and the man who happens to have his own plans for Sweetheart - and for Gillian. The sparks between them could set the town on fire. Unfortunately, somebody other than Sam is trying to take her breath away - literally...

With the tragic death of Suzanne Simmons last month, I though this would be a perfect book to begin the reread challenge. When I mentioned her death over at Let's Gab, I noted that Simmons wrote with a wonderful sense of humor and joy. I loved this book the third (fourth?) time around just as I did the first few times I read it. It's just one of those light, fluffy, feel good books that doesn't require a whole lot of energy, but you notice that you are just happy when you close it at the end.

Sam and Gillian are a great couple. Their attraction for one another is adorable, even as they fight it. He is, after all, her attorney. When he tells her to just fire him so they can finally have sex, and she just says, "You're fired," ... so cute. Because you know it was just an excuse on both their parts. And that he was going back to being her attorney the very next morning.

There are some wonderful scenes: a fantastic kissing scene at a town dance that leads no further... HOT; a terrific middle-of-the-night phone call when they are each in their kitchens and can see each other while they are talking on the phone. I love that Sam's dog immediately attaches himself to Gillian and he allows him to stay with her so she doesn't feel lonely in a new town. Yeah, he's a keeper.

Sam is totally content with who he is - I love that about him. He went to the big city, was successful, but decided to come home to his small town. His choice. No angst. Just his comfort zone. Gillian finds that small town comfort eventually. Decides it's the place for her, of course. Finds out some interesting things out about herself along the way.

There is a silly "suspensy" type subplot that I could do without, but it's not terribly distracting, not a primary focus at all, and only serves to bring Sam and Gillian closer together.

This book has all the requisite small-town folk - the meddling older ladies, the quirky weird guy, and plenty of other endearing folks. All in all, I enjoyed this one just as much this time around. Yes, it will stay on my keeper shelf. I just wish I could find where on earth I put the next one... Goodnight, Sweetheart, which is Sam's brother Eric's story.


  1. I've read this year ago and you make me want to reach for it again... I didn't love it as much as you did the first time around... but sounds like right up my alley now :)

    I do remember the phone call scene... it was just so cute :D and I didn't know there was a sequel!!

  2. Lori,
    It sounds great. I can see why you re read it :)

  3. Oh I love books like this, Lori. Thank you for doing the's really made me want to read the book, I've not read her work before.

  4. I've read this book and a few others by SS. I really enjoyed them.

    I missed when you originally posted about her death - so that took me by surprise. :(

  5. I have this one in the TBR pile since I quite enjoyed a few other books by her. Now I'll have to search it out. It is sad that we lost a wonderful author isn't it?

  6. Oooh, I think people don't do those phone call scenes enough. I mean, it's a book, so what better medium? It's really sad to hear about this author's death.

  7. I love books like this one as well. I will have to track down a copy of this as well.

  8. This blurb instantly snagged me AND reminded me of the kind of romances I fell for in the first place...thanks Lori, I put it on my list.


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