Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Meeting and greeting

Last Saturday, we had another Blogger/author get-together. It was, as always, a blast.

We met in Century City, in honor of Pearl's visit. Pearl and hubby were so nice, and I'm so glad we all got a chance to get together.

We started the day at Borders, where I felt no desire to buy anything. Huh, go figure. Then we had lunch at a really great Brazilian place. We had the outside lounge to ourselves (except for the 2 guys that just came in and sat there - whatever). Lots of talking and laughing. I forget who it was that noted that the authors were in a cluster, and the readers were clustered (maybe it was Zoe). But after that, we all mixed it up.

Anyway, once we all finished eating, we went down to the parking lot for the famous book swap, where once again, I felt almost no need to pick anything up. I brought 4 boxes of books, and came home with 1/2 a bag. It was awesome. And hubby is so happy and proud of me for getting rid of all my books. What wasn't taken by any SoCal Blogger, Tracy is taking to her friend who stocks a library. I'll tell you one thing. That library is waaaay better stocked with romances than my library!

Here are a few pics. I'm too lazy to label them, but you all know who everyone is by now...


  1. I think my ginormous TBR Guilt is finally catching up with me because I didn't buy anything either, and only took 3 books from the book swap (incidentally, all of which were yours I believe....)

    It's always so great to see everybody!

  2. I wish I've been there Lori!! sounds like a lot of fun :) and wow, you came back with only half a bag? Good girl!! LOL, tell Bob is to make place for new books LOL.

  3. That's so awesome!! The so cal group is getting so big now!

  4. What a great turnout! Good food, good friends and great books. You can't beat that. :)

  5. It was fun, as always! I loved that the "lounge" was conducive to circulating. I felt like I got to visit with everybody. :-)

    Can't wait for the next one, Lori!


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