Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One more on our 5 years


Like Lori, I am supremely thankful for all that this blog started in my life.

(I am of course also grateful that I was able to remember my login credentials, LMAO.)

My friendship with Lori ranks top. She is my reading twin more often than not and my reading hero--cuz someday I will read like she reads. A lot! And with more pleasure than guilt, LOL.

Lori is also my biggest parenting blessing. Words cannot express how much her parenting experience and advice mean in my busy life. No matter the event, she is my source of compassion, perspective, encouragement and humor. No matter the issue, she is my source of myth-shattering truth, effective public school navigation, boy-to-man warning labels and humor.

Did I mention humor?

I am also thankful for Lori's commitment to this blog. She is single-handedly keeping it alive while I enjoy these wildly busy grade-school years. When life took over my reading and reviewing, she stepped in full-time--assuring me all the while that someday soon, I will get back the time for these pleasures. And she never fails to remind me to enjoy this busy while I have it--because I will miss it terribly when it's gone.

I love and appreciate you more than ever my friend! Thank you. For everything. Always.


  1. Lori is pretty awesome, huh? I love that woman!

    I'm glad to see that this blog is still hoppin' along...

    Big hugs going around!

  2. *crying* I think those are some of the nicest words anyone has ever said. Thanks, my friend!!

  3. Awwww :) seriously, I'll always be grateful to blogging for the friendships and experiences it brought to my life :P

    Go Jen! Go Lori! :)

  4. What a lovely, lovely post Jennifer.

    Happy blogoversary to both of you ... and many more. You make a great team. :)


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