Tuesday, May 17, 2011

April Reads - Jennifer

Getting the urge to actually review again. I like the drive-by recaps, but know that, personally, I prefer or need more to recommend a title. A blurb at the very least. So I'll get to something more in depth after this bit of catch up...

Seducing The Duchess by Ashley March
Ok, I'm reading so much and taking toooo long to record my thoughts, argh. Had to look up the blurb on this one to remind myself and yep, I enjoyed this one very much. Will definitely read more from March.

The Perils Of Pleasure by Julie Anne Long
Loved this one! Not sure what it is about intrigue in my historicals, but I love it. Called to mind my faves from Bourne, though this one featured no spies. I think the draw for me is the capable, hardened-but-fragile heroine. And the hero who both admires and protects. That could be it. At any rate, I'm looking forward to catching up on Long's titles.

One Dance With A Duke by Tessa Dare
I'm definitely a fan in Dare's camp. I enjoyed her first trilogy and would like to read this threesome before her next releases in August. In One Dance, Dare's voice lifted me up and over my usual aversion to heroines deemed unattractive or unworthy of a handsome rake (by societal standards). I really liked Amelia. Every character really. Just picked up the second, Rhys' story, yesterday. Fifty pages in and I think I'm enjoying it even more than One Dance.

A Rake's Guide To Pleasure by Victoria Dahl
Yes, I am still hung up on Dahl. But I may like her contemps more than her historicals. Not sure yet.

My Pleasure by Connie Brockway, My Surrender by Connie Brockway
After finding a Brockway keeper in my closet, I snatched these two from my library's swap shelf. Fun reads, both of them. But while both had spy action AND Scotsmen, neither found their way to my keeper shelf. Just fun, light reads I'll remember for those reading moods.

One Night With A Prince by Sabrina Jeffries (DNF)
Unlike the other historical voices I've read in recent weeks, Jeffries didn't grab me. Not sure why. I have a few of her other titles on my TBR list and will likely try those before moving on.

The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks
Took me EONS to get my hands on this one (through my library). Worth the wait. Which is saying something since these types of stories can be really hit or miss for me--usually because they tend to read alike. This one however, was entirely unique. Very emotional and quite opposite the expected I'm-a-warrior-let-me-think-for-you storyline. I'm hooked.

Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden
Hmmm, liked this one too. However, serial killers do not make for romance. Not for me. Always really tough for me to put the truly scary out of my head and enjoy time with the H/H. My library has the remainder of this series/trilogy, but I haven't been back for it.

Rules Of An Engagement by Suzanne Enoch
To die for. Period.

Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts
I'd say over the last 2 to 3 years, all of Roberts new releases have featured both a voice and a cast of characters marching to the exact same cadence or rhythm. Aside from profession, her protagonists have featured the same brand of humor, witty dialogue, sex appeal, etc. And honestly? I can't get enough. With each new release, I know its going to be like time spent in the company of treasured friends. I enjoyed myself this time as much as the last. And wanted to move to Montana the next day.

To Tempt A Scotsman by Vicotria Dahl
Still really enjoying Dahl's voice--even though she gave me a Scotsman who bordered on beta. Just sayin.


  1. Another great reading month for you - yay!! I absolutely was floored by The Darkest Hour. IMO, the next two were good, but nowhere near packing the same punch. Because of exactly what you said - the uniqueness and originality made it such a standout.

  2. Great reading month, Jennifer!! You caught up! I still haven't posted my April reading list, sigh ^_^;

    Looks like you read a lot of historicals ;)

    I have the Maya Banks, but haven't convinced myself to pick it up yet. I bet after reading it, I'll be kicking my butt :)

    I liked Deadly Fear, but the MO of the serial killer was too familiar for it to be a wowzer :(

    True, true, NR is very familiar, but still oh so very good! :P

  3. Of course now I'm having an equally hard time getting my hands on Bank's second--No Place To Run. Not sure what is up with my library, but they're going to drive me to buy it myself, lol. And when I was reading The Darkest Hour, I remembered your comments about it Lori--from back when you read it. :-)

    Read it Nath :-) You'll like it (fingers crossed).

    Been getting into reading stints--like the historical bender, Nath, and just lately, a hockey bender. Read three from Gibson in a row--part love of her books and part in due to being tuned to hockey nearly every night of the week. I'm a finals junkie.

    Looking forward to your April reads post Nath!

  4. It's up, Jen, it's up! LOL. Finally :)

    Who do you think is going to make it this year for the Stanley Cup? :P

  5. LOL Nath! Gotta go with Tampa Bay, cuz no matter where he is now, Stevie Yzerman will always belong to Detroit. ;-)


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