Friday, August 01, 2008

Drive by reviews

Some quickies, which is all we seem to be good for around here anymore. Sorry about that, folks...

The Way HomeThe Way Home by Jean Brashear
SR is one of the category lines I still read when I find one that interests me. Would you guess from the cover that the H/H are in their late 50s? Go figure... Anyway, it's an amnesia story, and I'm sure I've read many just like it before. Many times before... But I still enjoyed it. I like seeing a family story where there are years of history, and also occasionally seeing a H/H that are older and still can get it on. You know, us old farts still do it. Sometimes quite frequently. Bravo to Ms. Brashear for having the guts to write an older H/H who are still tremendously attracted to each other and still have hot sex well into their 50s. Rock on! Cliched traumatic "I don't want to remember" amnesia storyline aside, I truly enjoyed watching the H/H fall in love all over again, forgive old hurts, and realize how much they meant to each other.

Bound to PleaseBound to Please by Hope Tarr
First in Blaze's new line of historicals, this is an implausible story of a woman laird in 15th century Scotland, but I loved it nonetheless. Meeting as children, Ewan and Brianna take a blood oath to marry as adults. He's the one to wait for her, to send love letters, to keep the dream alive. I loved the juxtaposition. He was a sensitive soul. Hope Tarr does a great job. As Wendy put it, there are likely tons of historical inaccuracies, but I just didn't care. This book sizzled, and it was just right.

SatisfactionSatisfaction by Marianne Stillings
I wasn't all that thrilled with Sighs Matter, but I really enjoyed this one. It was a fun escapist read. Ethan is your typical troubled PI fighting his past, and Georgie is your typical fluffy heroine with a secret that makes her tougher than she seems. Nothing outside the formula here, but it worked for me. Fun stuff.

Hot ProprtyHot Property by Carly Phillips
I've taken a sabbatical from Carly Phillips for the past couple years, and it has paid off in spades. Her books were beginning to wear thin for me. I'm glad that I waited it out, and then tried her again. I remember why I loved her boks so much in the past. Quite simply, this book brought back for me all the good feelings a CP book used to bring for me. It was a great morning-in-bed read. Nothing too deep, nothing too strenuous. But it had enough layers to keep me interested and turning pages. A multi-faceted sports hero totally devoted to his crazy family, a straight and narrow PR heroine determined to deny her true fun-loving self to be the straight-laced girl she's sure her daddy wanted her to be, but she's constantly having to rescue her own wacky family as well. I loved the sense of family and fun. Friendships abound as well. I thought Phillips dragged out Amy's acquiescence just a tad too long, but the end was worth the wait. Thanks for bringing me back into the fold, Carly!
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