Saturday, March 08, 2014

Well, hi there!

Hey there, people! Long time no see!

I miss book blogging so much, and am going to try to get back into it. So, for  my first post, I want to just give a quick shout out, because if you followed us when we were blogging regularly, you know my massive love for Beth Williamson and her Malloy family series. My introduction to Beth was The Bounty - the first book, and oh my goodness, you should go read the stories of all the Malloy siblings and their loves. Somehow, it seems I never published any review of the books. Huh. Not sure how that happened (or not). I did, however review all of her next series, Devils on Horseback - one of them, Zeke, made my best of the year in 2008. A-may-zing.

Anyway... Since The Bounty was first published in 2006, following the 8 book series, she wrote the story of Francesca and John, the Malloy parents last year. Now we get the story of Jo, Francesca's sister. To say I'm happy to see this series continue is an understatement.

The Prospect publishes on March 14.

The Prospect by Beth WilliamsonThe lie that saves her life could destroy their love.

Josephine Chastain never thought a case of typhoid would force her Oregon-bound family to leave her behind in Fort John—in the care of the last man she trusts. Others in the wagon train may have accepted Declan Calhoun’s motives for kidnapping her sister Frankie, but not Jo.

When she wakes up from the three-week fever, though, she finds some things have changed. Declan is her husband. And their cabin is too small to contain the growing desire between them.

While Jo fights for her life, Declan finds himself falling for the bookish Chastain sister. A woman with spine of steel and a seemingly bottomless well of smarts. In other words, everything he can never be.

Yet now is not the time to confess the little white lie that has thus far kept her safe. Not when he must figure out how to escape a quarantine that’s turned into extortion. And resist Jo’s determination to seduce him before she learns the truth. Before the unforgiving wilderness between them and safety claims their lives.

(The Malloy Family, Book 10)

Also, last week, the 5th book in her Circle Eight series, Nicholas, was published. I did manage to review the first book, Matthew, here before we disappeared into the nether world. I read Nicholas last week, and it's not a lighthearted romp for sure. It's about feeling like you somehow don't fit in, depression, guilt, and overcoming the darkness. A wonderful book.

Nicholas: Circle Eight
Even in the darkest of shadows, love can light the way.

Nicholas Graham is caught in the middle: of his family, of his desires, of his own unhappiness. After he meets Winnie Watson, his self-imposed curmudgeonly existence pales in comparison to spending time with her. He wants to be with her, to get to know her. She is a beacon to all the secret cravings he has controlled. Until now.

Winnie Watson endured, and survived, a horrendous childhood that would give others nightmares. She started over, a new name, a new goal in life. Then she met the Grahams and everything went sideways. She’s done the unthinkable and struggles to accept it. She wants to forget it all again, but the specter of Nicholas Graham, physical and in her dreams, won’t let her move on.

Caught between their needs, their wants, and what the world will allow them, Nick and Winnie are doomed from the moment they met. However, love will teach them that even the biggest obstacles can be overcome if you believe in love.

Hope to see you all come back :)  I see a lot of you on Twitter, but I'd love to start sharing my book love in longer form again.
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