Friday, September 15, 2006

What I read on my summer vacation, Part 1 (better late than never, and only a partial list...)

I’ve been so remiss in my postings. I have so many to do, but it all seems so overwhelming right now. I think I read about 20 books last month on vacation. So, I’m keeping these short and sweet. And a few at a time.

Passion - Lisa Valdez
I first read about this on Karen S’s blog, and immediately put it on my TBR list. Finally got around to it. I loved this book. It’s been reviewed to death (all good), but here’s what I loved. Loved the interactions between Mark and his brother, and Passion and her sisters (although those were minimal). Brothers gossiping about sex, sisters gossiping about sex. Loving, close relationships. Loved it. Loved that although Mark is majorly alpha, he wasn’t afraid to show his love for Passion. He wore his heart on his sleeve without losing any of his masculinity. I loved that he was willing to admit he made a mistake about Charlotte. I loved that this wasn’t your everyday, clichéd romance. And I loved the hot, graphic sex.
Meh was the overbearing mother (Mark and Matthew’s) and mother-in-law (to be, Charlotte’s mother). It’s so been done, although there was a deininitely different twist in this book which made up for it.

Scandal in Spring – Lisa Kleypas
This is the last in the Wallflower series. Definitely not as good as Devil in Winter or Secrets of a Summer Night. But a nice, sweet story between Matthew and Daisy. I thought Matthew was way more likeable than Daisy. And Lillian, I agree with many, was more than a tad overbearing and unforgiving. I just don’t have much else to say on this. Excpet I may just go read my Nick’s story again :)

Mr. Impossible - Loretta Chase
It’s a darn good thing I read Lord Perfect first. Don’t get me wrong. The characterization here was great, as always in a Chase book. The dialogue, also great. I loved Rupert and Daphne (Rupert is Benedict's younger brother). It was the setting that gave me difficulties. I got really bogged down in the Egyptian setting. Normally it doesn’t have to be all England all the time for me. I love mixing it up. But I was totally lost here, and it took me out of the story. It was a real bummer, because the book should have been great, and I could tell it probably was, other than this one great big huge issue I had with it. Had I read this first, I’m not so sure I would have read Lord Perfect (my very first Chase book), and what a tragedy that would have been! This is actually the story directly before Lord Perfect. Thankfully, they can be read as stand alones, and y’all know I’m not a series slut *g*. Yes, Anne, I read these OUT OF ORDER!

That’s it for the first few. A whole bunch more coming up, and I think the next batch is all contemporaries!


  1. You were busy yesterday!! Nick Gentry! What a stud! That is my favorite Kleypas book, by far.

    Loved Passion, too!

    Great reviews! Keep them coming, I can't wait to see what else you read on your vacation!

  2. God bless you! I have a horrendous time going back to review when I've moved on in my reading. I'm like a fidgety kid who can't focus on more than one thing at a time.

    I'm anxious to see what else you've read as well.

  3. I like Nick ~ his story was the first Lisa Kleypas I'd ever read.

    I hate to say it, but I am a series slut . I'm trying to find a support group..

  4. GASP! WHEEZE! PANT! YOU READ OUT OF ORDER... AGAIN!!! No wonder the world has been off kilter for weeks! EEK!

  5. LOL! Devonna, I think you've found your support group :) I'm definitely in the minority here!

    Anne... deep breaths honey.

    Rosie, I have the same hard time. That's why I'm just now letting the guilt get to me. I read these books the 2nd week of August!

    Nikki, I should have another 3 or 4 up tomorrow (note to self - don't flake on this promise!)


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