Sunday, November 27, 2005

Worth Any Price by Lisa Kleypas

So talking about her books made me go back and reread this one. I love Lisa Kleypas books! Her heroes are the "anti-hero" of Regency historicals - they are almost never members of the aristocracy. The heroes are lower class men who make good and get the woman. This book is no exception (with a twist). This is the third book in her Bow Streeet Runners trilogy - follow up to Someone to Watch over Me and Lady Sophia's Lover. The hero, Nick Gentry, is an ex-con turned bounty hunter after Charlotte, who ran out on her disgusting old groom-to-be. He finds her working at the estate of the Lord Westcliff (who just got his own story in It Happened One Autumn). Their story is terrific - seeing the many sides of Nick Gentry and learning his story is amazing. And Lottie is definitely his match - she wants to take care of herself and has proved she can, but loves having Nick take care of her too. As the song goes, she knows when to hold 'em and knows when to fold 'em. This book just did it for me - even on the fourth or fifth read, which this was.

As I said, this is the third in the trilogy - if you are a series slut and need to read them in order, they go Someone to Watch Over Me, Lady Sophia's Lover, then Worth Any Price. This was the first book by Lisa Kleypas I read a few years back, and I immediately went and got every other book she ever wrote. I highly recommend it, and the others in the Bow Street Trilogy. I am happy to recommend any others by her as well - anything with Derek Craven - the ultimate anti-hero - is also a no brainer.

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  1. Another series to look for; I really need a good book to get me back on track. I'll try her first in this series Lori; thanks!


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