Thursday, March 29, 2007

On the Edge by Shannon Stacey

When an explosion rocks the Devlin Group, two agents must risk everything to save them all. Book 2 of the Devlin Group series.

Tony Casavetti emerges from an undercover assignment only to be summoned to NYC by Charlotte, the Devlin Group's executive administrator. When he arrives, he finds out she may be ruthlessly efficient, but his assumption about her being matronly was dead wrong.

Charlotte Rhames has it all-looks, wealth and the respect she craved. But an attack on the Devlin Group throws her back into the pit of sex, money, and murder she'd crawled out of.

With Tony's life at stake, how far is she willing to fall?

I admit I'm a Romantic Suspense Junkie, I love them. If I know one is coming out I mark it on my calendar and then anxiously await it's release. This was the case with Shannon Stacey's Newest release. I must have read the excerpt and stalked her site over and over again. As soon as she said that she was writing the next Devlin book I was ready to read it. So since I managed to read it today in one sitting after owning for all of an hour I thought I might type up this little review.

Like the previous installement of this series we jump right into the action. Which for me is key especially in Romantic Suspense. Jumping right into the action lets me know that this author is going to provide the suspense half of the genre.

As On the Edge opens we find Tony embroiled in a shootout involving a man that IMO get s exactly what's coming to him. From the very first sentences I was drawn into the action and I could see it as is played out through Ms. Stacey's words. I found myself cheering Tony on and applauding him for his quick thinking that made an extremely difficult situation end in the best possible way.

However, as the action unfolds we get a peak at the relationship between Tony and Charlotte. One that has been taking place over the comm link for the last eight years. Tony and Charlotte are nothing but voices to one another , but soon the agent and the admin are going to meet in the flesh.

I found Tony's interdialogue about what Charlotte looks like to be funny and if I didn't know better I may have agreed with him. His surprise when he sees her in the flesh was comical yet laced with sexuality that left me feeling as though it was an honest reaction.

Charlotte of course knew what he looked like, but even she admits that he is better in person then in his company file. Their conversations and dialogue are very well written, I found myself chuckling a little at some points and I definitely felt the sexual tension between them.

Charlotte is what I look for in a herione for this type of book, Like Grace in 72 hours, she is strong and knows what to do and when to do it. She takes risks and when she and Tony are thrust into bad situation after bad situation she holds up. She defends herself as best she can and she fights for herself as well as Tony's survival.

As for Tony he fits the bill of action lead to a T, but yet he is still human. There is a small piece of dialogue in the book that sums up his humanity for the reader. I'm paraphrasing here since I don't have Ms. Stacey's permission to post her work.

While discussing the last mission Tony was on Charlotte mentions that the young girl he saved, Rosa is OK and back with her family. His response to this is that then everything that happened was worthwhile for him. He does what he must to get the job done , but he still manages to feel for those he saves and or has to destroy. Tony Casavetti is definitely a stand up guy as well as a great agent. Plus he's a cowboy, who doesn't love a cowboy, but that's a topic for another post entirely.

What I really liked about this book was that overall it was believable, the characters and their plans were slightly flawed and in turn makes them all the more human. Both of them throughout the 200 pages of the book are faced with choices that at times are far from easy and yet they continued to persevere and fight back against some really tough odds.

While many may disagree with some of the choice they have to make in the end it worked for me.

I'm not one who usually rates a book , but this one is so well written and believable that I would give it 5 Gold Stars.

I'm sure I will be rereading this as well as the previous installment in the future while I wait for Ms Stacey to write Gallagher's Book.

If you are interested in buying this title you can do so here. To learn more about Shannon Stacey and her books, please visit her website.


  1. I really like Shannon Stacey's books - I bought this the night before it officially released, and I still haven't had the time to read it, darn it! But the weekend is almost here!

  2. I don't really read romance novels, but I'll pass the tip along.

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  3. I've been wanting to read a Shannon Stacey novel for a while. I've heard nothing but good things and after reading this review I'm going to find out which of her books are in print as I can't stand e-books. :o)

  4. I won this book from Angie James who I believe edits for Shannon Stacey. I haven't had a chance to read it either. Do I need to read the first book?


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