Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thief Of Hearts by Teresa Medeiros

An oldie but goodie that I picked up for grins at my local UBS. You know those moods, the times you seek the comfort of romance novels as we used to know them. When vamps and weres resided in science fiction and few SEALs or bodyguards ventured outside of category titles. This one fit the bill for me and I enjoyed every moment of it.

From the storm-lashed decks of a pirate schooner to the elegant grounds of an English estate comes a spellbinding tale of love and deception...

An Innocent Beauty

Prim and pampered, Lucinda Snow knew little of men and nothing of danger, until the fog-shrouded night she found herself abducted--and at the mercy of the legendary Captain Doom. Ruthless and mocking, tender and virile, the notorious pirate awakened all Lucy's passionate longings, then abandoned her with nothing but a kiss...

A Pirate's Prize

Now, safely at home, the alluring waif is tormented by treacherous memories--and by the presence of Gerard Claremont, her mysterious new bodyguard. Everything about him, from his forbidding size to his impertinent manner, sparks her defiance. And even when Gerard's smile turns seductive, no one can make her forget Doom. Yet only when Lucy's path crosses the captain's once more, will she learn who is on a voyage of retribution, and who is out to steal her heart...

The heroine, Lucy, is entertaining, with a humor and carriage perfectly suited to the story and its time in history. Her vulnerability is touching and while it sparks the alpha protectiveness I love, it did not serve as the basis of the story. IOW, “fixing her” is not the hero’s sole purpose for living. I was growing tired of that storyline. This one, also common, is one in which the hero, bent on his own agenda, is simply sidetracked by his growing adoration and ultimate love for the smart and sassy heroine. Medeiros balances the progression with both humor and tenderness.

The true hero of this story, Gerard, is also entertaining, despite his hardships and resulting quest for vengeance. He too wields humor and strength befitting his character. We witness his humor most often when he is with Lucy. Theirs is one of those romances fueled by contrariness (hers) and patience (his). I love a patient hero.

I also appreciated the telling of the story. Medeiros is very adept at drawing readers into her tale. And she succeeds in keeping them there with just enough romance, just enough intrigue and just the right culmination of both to end the story. That’s another irritation of late. Too many push me, pull me plots that bring the couple together, rip them apart, bring them together, rip them apart…I just finished one from an author that did that no less than six times.

So Thief Of Hearts was a relaxing, romantic read (a one day-er) that I would easily recommend to friends. If you like the old style historicals, this one is pretty much guaranteed to please.


  1. I have all of her backlist, including this one. I love seeing these reviews of books I loved years ago being discovered again. Now many of the newer readers can get a chance to see why I mourn what's lost in the historical. This was, as were most of her books, is quite grand!

  2. Calling me a newer reader...*g*...makes me feel young. LOL I agree Kristie, I love these older titles. I'm pretty sure I picked this one up after reading Whisper Of Roses a while back. I'm also thinking that my UBS has a good selection of her books, so I can enjoy more. I also have Medeiros' newer vampire book (the first in a series I think). Have you read that?

  3. LOL, that's really been a long time ago, You know those moods, the times you seek the comfort of romance novels as we used to know them. When vamps and weres resided in science fiction and few SEALs or bodyguards ventured outside of category titles.

    Glad you enjoyed this read :P for me, Medeiros' pretty much a hit or miss. I haven't really cared about her new vampire series.

  4. Thanks Nath. I was looking for that kind of feedback on her vampire series. I may still try one, but for now, it is wayyy down on the list.


Have you read it? What do you think?

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