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A Highlander Never Surrenders by Paula Quinn

Title: A Highlander Never Surrenders
Author: Paula Quinn

Type: Scottish Historical
Published: 2008


Defending Her Was His Duty
Skilled with a sword and quick with her wit, Scottish rebel Claire Stuart cannot be tamed. And nothing can deter her from rescuing her beloved sister and saving them both from arranged marriages—not even the handsome Highlander who vows to protect Claire. His scorching gaze and fiery kiss bring her to the brink of surrender, but she belongs to no man . . .

Seducing Her Would Be His Reward
Graham Grant has had his share of lasses. But he has never met one as headstrong or as bonnie as Claire—or one with such desperate, dangerous plans. Helping her could betray his honor, his country, and more. Graham can't claim her. Yet everything in him says: Take her, make her yours, teach her pleasure, and never let her go.

Why: Recently enjoyed Laird Of The Mist and wished to read its follow-up.

Thoughts: Oh, I liked it. Very much. When I read LOTM, I had a constant comparison running through my head--recalling every character and plotline I'd ever read that was similar to Quinn's. I even commented on it in my review. While reading A Highlander Never Surrenders, I forgot about all else and just enjoyed the journey. This was an arrangement of characters and arcs that did not remind; they simply entertained.

Especially the heroine. She was fabulous. This was a lass (love that term) who really was a warrior; not just one who played at being a warrior. She trained under her twin brother, a rebel leader of sorts, and went off to battle. She knows no fear. Seriously, she was medieval Scotland's version of Eve Dallas. And I loved her.

And because he accepted her for exactly who she was, as she was, I loved the hero as well. This was a man who enjoyed her fighting ability and warrior instincts as much as the fact that she was a woman--one his knuckle-dragger self meant to conquer. Oh yeah, it was all here. The Highlander prescription for romance. If it lacked anything, it was the typical gentle assurances during her "first time." Graham didn't waste time with that and neither did she. All good.

There was a second romance that worked very well too. And while it was nice that Quinn made sure to find someone for Robert--the third wheel in the first half of the book--I have to say I was really enjoying the time spent with him and the H and H. Their insults were as deftly wielded as their swords. That was fun. Even more so when the rest of Quinn's Highlanders showed up.

The mystery here was engaging as well. It may not have been unique, but I was stymied. Enough that I read every word, right up to the end. Of late, I find myself skimming the last dozen or fifty pages wherein the historical romance writer ties up all the loose ends. I feel like I pretty much know how that is going to go--having read a gazillion of them. Not so here. Either I was so engrossed in the romance that I didn't pay close attention to the political intrigue, or Quinn succeeded in making me care about the outcome of that power struggle. Regardless, I was hooked from start to finish.

I was also loathe to put the book down, testament to the fun I was having. I am just so, so sorry that Quinn's work ends here. There ARE three non-Scot historicals penned before LOTM, and I may go read them. But truthfully, I want more of Quinn's Scots. THESE Scots. Her site indicates some WIPs featuring the sons and daughters of her LOTM and AHNS protagonists, but I fear that will feel much like it used to when my soap operas grew their offspring into adults overnight. Blech.

Ah well. These two books were great fun and reminiscent of the joy I experienced in my early Garwood days.

Word On The Web: Heather liked it. So did Rowena.

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  1. I love her books. While I liked the first 3 non-Scot books these 2 were better imho. Glad you enjoyed them.


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