Friday, September 18, 2009

Bookwatch: those sexy men in (and out) of uniform

Yup - everyone is posting about the new Kleypas and the new Tessa Dare, and the new Kathryn Smith (Woo-freakin-hoo - it's an historical, not a paranormal!!). I'm totally looking forward to all of these. But I just realized that two of my favorite authors have books coming out next month as well.

The next Black Ops from Cindy Gerard, and the next Bullet Catchers from Roxanne St. Claire are coming out (yup - 2 Bullet Catchers, back-to-back!)


Bold, blond Defense Intelligence officer B. J. Chase isn’t exactly thrilled when she’s summoned from personal leave to investigate an alarming national security breach—until the suspicious death of a government official blows her covert mission sky high.


Gorgeous Black Ops bad boy Raphael Mendoza always feared his family’s dark history would haunt him. But he never expected it might hold the key to dismantling a rogue weapons system. Now with cool B.J. Chase posing as his hot babe fiancée, he returns to his uncle in Colombia to convince him he can be trusted with the family’s dirtiest business secrets.


Carrying out a deception among ruthless killers brings Rafe and B.J. too close to ignore the heat between them. Now, they must work together as the closest of partners as the countdown to international catastrophe closes in.


Bullet Catcher and former Navy SEAL Constantine Xenakis has infiltrated a dive ship to discover who's plundering priceless gems from a legendary sunken Spanish galleon. When he catches Lizzie Dare red-handed in the locked treasure room, her story of a stolen ancestral legacy convinces him to work with the sexy thief instead of turning her in -- and not just because he wants to find the real culprit. Lizzie is willing to risk everything to save the Bombay Blue Diamonds from her sworn enemy, even if that means giving in to an irresistible desire to get closer to her accomplice. But when passion hits them like a rogue wave and danger surrounds them like a school of hungry sharks, their adventure on the high seas turns treacherous...and deadly.


  1. Me too, me too! LOL You got me on this RS kick and now I'm with you--I want more of these men's men.

  2. OMG, I have GOT to get on the bullet catchers!! Thanks for the alert on this. I like the sexy thief plot in Make he pay. Can I start anywhere in this series?

  3. Ummm... well, each book stands on its own, but there are definitely mentions of previous characters in each book.

    I'd say if you aren't a big series slut that you can pick it up anywhere. Constantine was introduced in Hunt Her Down (the one released this month). So you might want to read that one, but it may not even be that necessary. She does a good job of having them stand alone. Of course, I recommend reading the entire series, just cause I love 'em.

    How's that for an ambiguous answer? Heh.

  4. Well, you know, there are so many of the series out I feel daunted to start at book #1!! I am sort of a series slut, but I'm also a super slow reader. If #1 (Kill Me Twice) is one of the best of the series, maybe I would start with that. What do you think???

  5. Wooooot! More Cindy Gerard! I am so all over that.

  6. Hmmm, I still need to read the Cindy Gerard in my TBR pile... but how's the Bullet Catcher series? Good?


Have you read it? What do you think?

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