Thursday, September 17, 2009

Top 10 Reviews - Mine

The schizo in me will admit that I came to this post by way of:

1) Recognizing that I truly enjoy the Re-read Challenge posts every month, even though I'm not a re-reader.

2) Browsing the Starred items in my reader, clicked through on the Bloggiesta stuff, then through to a post on cleaning up your blog reader. Humpf, thought I just did that. Read about this tool in Google Reader called "Trends." And Wow, there were a lot of inactive blogs in there--blogs with no activity since 2006, 07 and 08. It was like finding hidden dead weight--a turn-on for a girl who keeps even her Sent email folder tidy and trim.

3) Was recently researching best method for saving and burning my son's journal blog to CD (and from there I'm researching how to convert it to book format--those fab photobooks from Snapfish got me started down this path)...anyhow, this and finding those old, dead blogs in my reader made me think back...made me realize that while I read my son's journal again and again, I absolutely never re-read my old posts here. Which makes sense of course, cuz I'm not a re-reader.

4) Finally, looking at more of the Bloggiesta stuff, I found an article on writing rainy-day posts, to hold in reserve for when you're less than prolific. I don't care about that much, but I did like their ideas for such posts--one of which was the List Post--quick and easy.

And there you have it, the thought process behind this list post of my favorite reviews from this blog:

In no particular order:

1) Midnight Rose by Shelby Reed

2) Black Ice by Anne Stuart

3) Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

4) Dreaming Of You by Lisa Kleypas

5) Dirty by Megan Hart

6) Virtually His by Gennita Low

7) Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries by Ashley Gardner

8) The Spymaster's Lady by Joanna Bourne

9) Demon Angel by Meljean Brook

10) Seraphim by Shelby Reed

These were all powerful reads for me. Of course since most of my reading stems from blogger reviews, most of you will have already read them, LOL. But some of you? Maybe not. If you haven't picked one or more up, I'd highly, highly recommend all of em.

And some observations...

Next month, I Just Finished Reading will be 4 years old. Holy Cow.

And isn't it funny how your tastes and opinions change?

And this has never been just a review site, LOL. I found quite a few posts featuring my son in here.

And thank God for Lori!


  1. Time goes by fast, right? How of those 10 books, I read 3... Dark Lover, Dreaming of You and Demon Angel... I'll have fun visiting the links ;D

  2. Of course my hubby agrees, thank god for me, LOL. But... I know why he thinks that (heh, heh).

    But right back atcha. Good friends are hard to find. Ya know?

    Good list. Your posts are always so amazing - like poetry. I should go through and see if I could come up w/10 of mine. Hmmm....

  3. Oh, and I know - 4 years! (it's on my calendar, LOL - just a little anal...)

  4. Now see, I can hardly believe you've only read 3 of these 10 Nath. I always feel like I'm the LAST one to read a buzzed about book, LOL. Course not all of these may have been buzzed.

    Thank Lori for out-reviewing me at least 2 to 1, LOL. Let Bob thank you for that other, LOL.

    And what do we do at 4 years? Solicit gifts? Wait! No we're supposed to GIVE gifts, right? Or maybe we could just eat cake that day, and invite everyone else to do so as well. A free eat-all-you-want cake day. Perfect.

  5. Cake totally works for me. And confetti.

  6. LOL, no, I count right... three books :D

    See, it depends on my mood, but sometimes, I can be very anti buzz books ^_^;

    Cakes sounds good ;)


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