Sunday, February 07, 2010

Random loving-my-reading moments...

One of those breath-catching, oh yeah, setting-the-hook moments...the one that ensures you will not be able to put the book down:

From Roxanne St. Clair's Then You Hide ©2008

When St. Clair's southern hero sizes up the heroine for the first time:

"The horn-rimmed glasses? A power play. The speed of her trajectory? That screamed Yankee to him. The little left-right sway in her backside that grabbed the eye of every man she passed? He despised women who drew attention to themselves. Her generous breasts were more than the requisite handful, her hair needed a six-inch trim and something to keep it from flying all over the place, and those thighs? They didn't quite touch at the top, as if there were room for...someone else in there.

She was plenty womanly, all right, but not feminine. He liked a sweet, tender peach, all squeezably soft and fresh. Vanessa Porter was no peach.

She was a tart."

This observation made me laugh. It also stole my breath. I'm stupid over heroes oozing southern charm. Can't help it. I'm also crazy about a hero--any hero--with this level of appreciation for a woman's body. Genuine, heartfelt and lusty appreciation of every part, every angle of a woman. That makes a hero extra sexy to me for some reason. Tara Janzen's heroes come to mind--those men LOVE women, every inch of them. And all of their beauty products--they're fascinated with those. Sexy and funny.

So not a review, drive-by or otherwise...but a thought I had to share. Loved this romp--totally.

Now...for a hero that is equally captivated by a woman's mind...yep, those are sexy beyond words too. Never Love A Lawman from Jo Goodman. O. M. G. Look for a buddy review of that one.

And you know? Speaking of Janzen's boys...seeing all the pretty covers now featuring full-body Totally calls to mind Superman...Christian's wraparound tattoo....anyone else remember that? Because myself? I've never been able to get it out of my mind. Ever.


  1. So glad you've gotten some good reading moments - finally! I'm sending off some more Roxanne St Claire to you.

  2. Yay! Thank you. :-) I'm hot for RS right now...


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