Thursday, March 03, 2011

Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl

Title: Talk Me Down
Author: Victoria Dahl

Type: Contemporary Romance
Published: 2009

I loved every single minute of this book. From the first page--where I doubted Molly's likableness--to the last, where yes, there was more sex going on.

What a delightfully sweet and sexy read.

The stuff I particularly loved:

Molly's humor
--sharp, hilarious, instantaneous. Yes, it is her defense mechanism of choice, and we feel for her on that, but she is so very funny.

Ben's humor--once he got over his awkward and began matching her volley for volley, I could actually hear his rumbly-voiced delivery. When he offered to get her water wings for her shower, I could not stop laughing.

Ben's competency--Dahl didn't skimp on procedure or intelligence. She gave us our sexy lawman in 3D--with the all the senses and instincts of a trained cop.

Ben's speculation on Molly's career--those italicized chapter openers cracked me up.

The town as character--I wanted to live there. And being acquainted with a tiny seasonal resort town myself, I know exactly what that means for its sober residents. Individual pursuits.

Those nude pictures he took of her. So romantic. Right there, I was completely undone.

Dahl's clever plot--not a single surprise here. But a few nice loops back to prior events and perceptions. And a perfect unfolding and dispensing of the HEA 'obstacles.' Honestly? The best part was Ben's realization that Molly's books really aren't about him--literally and figuratively. He was well on his way to gettin it before the last bit of suspense tipped him over.

The sex--it was hot and hilarious. Just like real-life.

And ohhhh what I loved MOST:

The sexiness of this story. Which is kind of the same as the sex, but different. Dahl expertly wrapped Ben's voice, respectful demeanor and practical outlook (read perspective) into the sexiest, most charming hero I've read in ages. Then matched him with a woman who is self-sufficient and self-disciplined as well as spontaneous and fun-loving. Yes, she was a little irresponsible--that's why she needed Ben, duh. But all in all, Molly was not all that complicated and she was really, really likable. Both of them liked sex very much and, having known each other the better part of their lives, enjoyed a familiarity and history that helped Dahl dispense with all inhibition.

Talk Me Down was the sexiest love story I've read in a long, long time.

I imagine I'll stay on my contemp kick a bit longer. My next Dodd title (Thigh High) just arrived at my library. I've also ordered Dahl's Start Me Up and Lead Me On. And Deirdre Martin's Body Check. And some Rachel Gibson. Ah well, just color me sweet and sexy right now.

And again come next fall...when Dahl releases three in a row--Good Girls Don't, Bad Boys Do and Real Men Will.

Come on...with titles like those? Going to be fun.


  1. I love how two different readers can come away from a book with such different perspectives.

    I hated Molly. Hated her with a passion. She was stupid when it came to her safety and her relationship with Ben. I wanted nothing more than to push her off a cliff.

    I love that you loved it, though.

  2. LOLOLOL I think it was her humor and her unadorned love of sex that made me like her Holly.

  3. Well it's great to see you enjoy the book so much, Jen :) Sometimes, the book just hits the right spot and it all depends on the reader's mood and timing. I remember like the book, but not as much as you. I still have the 2 other books in the series in my TBR pile ^_^; Are you planning to read them?

  4. Do you have The Wicked West? It's the book Molly was writing (about the sexy sheriff); it's actually a short, but I thought it was very well done.

    I enjoyed all three books; in some ways I thought each one was a little better than before, but I need to re-read this one to be sure.

  5. I've yet to read any by Dahl but think I'll start with her contemps. After Holly's comment, I'm curious to see how I'll react to Molly. :)

  6. I'm hoping I like the other two as much Nath. My library has them on their way for me.

    I have not downloaded The Wicked West yet but am glad to hear you thought it well done. Thank you

    And Leslie, I'm looking as forward to catching up on Dahl's historicals as well. I've only read one. I do like her voice though and think both genres are going to be winners for me.


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