Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Wrapping February

Right after my half-time report (for February), I hit a mini-slump. For no good reason, it took me a week to read Nalini Singh's Play Of Passion. It was a good one so I don't know why I slowed. *shrugging*

Starting with that one...

Play Of Passion by Nalini Singh
I enjoyed spending the entirety of this book with the wolves. And I loved Andrew. Just loved him. His self-confidence is undeniably sexy. Singh's world-building remains strong and her conflict or obstacle to the HEA was honest, believable. Everything here works, as always. Also--Singh has accomplished for me what Robb has with her In Death series. I know and remember her characters--not just who and where they fit in the world she's constructed. But rather their traits, their humor--who and how they love. No matter the span of time between installments (or how long it may take me to catch up), I instantly recognize each character as they appear. And I've a strong attachment to them. Kiss Of Snow coming in June.

After Dark With A Scoundrel by Alexandra Hawkins
This one was a DNF for me. I was lured by another pretty cover but couldn't find any grip to the story. A very similar experience to my try of Delilah Marvelle last month. Not bad books really; they just simply weren't compelling.

Highlander Ever After by Jennifer Ashley
This is an author I trust--over a number of pseudonyms and genres. As Ashley Gardner, she wowed me with Captain Lacey. Now I'm enjoying her historicals and Scottish romances under Jennifer Ashley. This one follows The Mad, Bad Duke (which I read a year or more ago). There is a hint of the paranormal and the H & H have history. Both elements made for a more intriguing read--but still built upon the commanding laird and vulnerable lass formula that draws me to this genre. So not a completely new and untried Scottish tale, but a captivating and entertaining one no less. Tightly written, cohesive, and propelled by its characters.

Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl
This one hit my sweet spot. And motivated me to attempt a full-length review (which is NOT like riding a bike). It is also one that--with distance--has begun to reveal its flaws, LOL. Don't care though--it was a delightful, take-me-away read.

Treachery In Death by J.D. Robb
Pretty powerful procedural and some unexpected and very moving professional growth for Eve. It was great. While I am still longing for some new emotional rangling and tangling between Roarke and Eve, I was totally satisfied with this one. Robb manages to hold me over with the humor (laugh out loud funny) between them as well as their ultra-minor skirmishes. So yeah, still hooked. Deep.


  1. I'm still on the fence about reading Treachery. The last few entries have left me feeling very unsatisfied. I re-read Innocent the other day and man..I sure miss those emotional tempests.

    I'm going to have to pick up the Jennifer Ashley. I only discovered her last year, but I adored all the books I read. She just fell off my radar.

  2. I think the next In Death, "From New York to Dallas", will be very emotional and I'm so excited and anxious to see what will be revealed about Eve's past. I'm already speculating about what will happen.

    I enjoyed Treachery a lot because I loved seeing Eve interact with her team and how she went after the bad cops.

  3. I will say this about Treachery...it was not a page-turner. And the most emotionally gratifying stuff came closer to the end. Still, it was a comfortable place to spend a few days for me.

    I hadn't heard of the new title...sounds like it could be a turning point.

  4. I think the problem with the In Death series is the timeline. There's no question all books are quite solid :) However, because there's so little time that has passed by, after 30 odd books, it's just unbelievable and you have less flexibility with Eve and Roarke's relationship.

    Glad you enjoyed Play of Passion still :)I loved that book as well ;) Andrew was great and I was so glad he was the hero for Indigo!

    The Alexandra Hawkins, have to say I'm not really surprised ^_^; Read the first book and meh...


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