Monday, February 27, 2012

Passion and Prose event

So this weekend was the first ever Passion and Prose event. It was really lovely. I liked the set up a lot. 2 authors were at each table, and readers were interspersed. I was actually assigned to the same table as Tessa DareWendy. The other author at our table was the lovely Judy Duarte, author of many wonderful Silhouette Special Editions (pssst - she has a new one coming out next month, except the back cover blurb makes it seem like - 3 babies? Ack! But otherwise? Yeah, like her books.).

The emcee for the day was MG Lord, who was hilariously funny, and did a great job. She's also a professor, and has written some really interesting-sounding books. Her latest, The Accidental Feminist: How Elizabeth Taylor Raised Our Consciousness and We Were Too Distracted by Her Beauty to Notice, is one I think I am going to pick up. She gave us all sorts of examples in her talk about Elizabeth Taylor, and got me very intrigued.

We had the keynote by Gail Carriger, who was very funny. And apparently, brilliant as well. She's an archaeologist.

Then there was time to purchase books, visit with authors and get books signed.

Tessa Dare - and what's with that one piece of hair hanging
down on my forehead? It's there in every single picture, LOL.
Then back into the main room for lunch. Who would have ever thought that they would serve grilled cheese and tomato soup? But it was a brilliant choice. Absolutely delicious, and everyone agreed it was a total winner. Plus, the salad they served first had strawberries, oranges, and grapefruit on it. Win!

After lunch there was a YA panel. And those ladies were so interesting and adorable. I swear, it was enough to make me want to read a YA book.

I forgot to take pics of them, so just totally swiped this collage off the
Passion and Prose site. I wanted to give them their due.
During that panel, they served dessert - DIY ice cream sundaes and gorgeous cookies. Again, everyone agreed. Winner.

Of course, Wendy debated diving into the whipped cream, and I was planning to simply drink the leftover chocolate sauce. Yeah, we're so classy like that. The whipped cream was really good, but it didn't want to leave the serving spoon!

Then it was time for more book signing and schmoozing with authors and readers.

My favoritest person: HelenKay Dimon

Sylvia Day (L) and Zuri Day (R)
And can I say? My happiest new find of the day was Zuri Day. She is gorgeous and funny and outspoken. I totally want to be her when I grow up. The cover for her next (not yet released) book had me itching to read it. It's just so romantic. They are so into each other. And not just for the smexxin'. Except for his hunka hunka abs and shoulders there. There's something about the definition on a guy's shoulders that I love. *ahem* back to the blogpost...

Once that was done, it was time for the afternoon keynote: Meg Cabot. She was adorable, and hilarious, as you'd expect. Of course, I forgot to take a picture of her. And forgot to take any of me, Wendy, & Rowena. And forgot to buy raffle tickets - they gave away some great prize baskets. Sensing a theme here about me? D-oh!

There were so many there that I didn't get the chance to say hello to, but wished I had. So... if they are at RWA this summer, I will simply ambush them. And I hope that Passion & Prose keeps this a west cost event. There are already many author/reader events in the east (Lori Foster, Lora Leigh, etc). It's nice to have one out here.


  1. So cool, Lori!! Sounds like it was really a nice event and that you had a lot of fun!! It's always fun to mix up with authors :)

    Oh and I really like your hair!! the more pictures I see, the more I think it suits you :)

    1. Awww, thanks Nath! I just wish my hair stylist could remember exactly how she cut it the last time. She never seems to do it the same way.

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

  3. I forgot to buy raffle tickets too! Seriously, I suck. I kept getting distracted by the shiny - which in this case was running around and talking to everybody LOL!

    Had a great time and hope this event gets to be a regular thing locally.....

  4. It was so nice to see you again. We need to make that more than a once-per-year happening!

  5. Sounds like a fantastic event! So glad you had so much fun. Your new haircut looks awesome, Lori.


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