Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cover goodness... or not

Oh my. While cleaning out some old boxes, I came across this gem from 1996. Not only is the title craptastic, but he's wearing her robe! And the series title - From Here to Paternity. *love*

Back cover copy:
Carver Venner got a double shock when he opened his door that morning: a twelve-year-old kid that he never knew he had—clutching the hand of the sexiest woman he had ever seen. And though Carver would have loved to concentrate on social worker Maddy Garrett, there was another problem at hand. Like what to do about his daughter….

Raising Rachel, with her dubious ideas about everything from nutrition to education and her…colorful vocabulary, was bound to be a challenge. And Carver could use all the help he could get. But he soon realized that what he required from Maddy was more than just professional assistance…

You can get this on Kindle. I'm sure you can't wait!


  1. Oh my. That cover is I'm pretty sure that robe violates the Geneva Conventions. Yikes!

    Haven't read this one, but I remember really liking several of Bevarly's Desires back in the day. She wrote some goodies in the late 90s / early aughts....

  2. There are no words - for either the cover or the title of the book. Wow. lol

  3. Are you really sure it's her robe he's wearing? The 90's were a strange decade. ;)

  4. LOL, you know how heroines often appropriate the clothings of their lovers, perhaps he did the same... Although from what I can peak, it seems the robe matches his boxer... Unless it's very careful arrangement of the cover.

    Bleh at the tag line and the title. Seriously, "Father of the Brat"?!? Yeah, makes me want to read this book so much ^_^;


Have you read it? What do you think?

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