Friday, May 04, 2012

March reads

Better late than never. I read 15 books in March. Still feeling kind of meh about reading, which still makes me sad. I miss my books. Eventually I'll get back to it. It's been an interesting week, and I imagine I'll post something about it shortly. Anyway, the reading was good this month, if not fantastic, and while I enjoyed the books I read, almost nothing overwhelmed me. With the exception of A Week to be Wicked. Awesome blossom.

Foreign Affair by Shelli Stevens
3 stars
I adore Shelli Stevens' writing, and this was no exception. I loved the way the hero fell flat on his face for the heroine. What I didn't love was the way the big misunderstanding drew out for sooooooooooo long. I did like that Stevens gave them time apart, because a week in Paris does not a HEA make, but they spent so much time apart, I wondered why either of them cared anymore.

Trust in Me by Beth Cornelison
3 stars
A definite beta hero (and a regular, struggling to make ends meet guy, too) and a heroine struggling to learn how to make it on her own. I liked a lot about this book. It was very relationship focused, which I really liked, but it moved too slowly for me to ever get fully invested in it.

Forever in One Second by Finn Marlowe
3 stars
I really liked the first half of this book - the first section was very intense, with a near death experience for one of the heroes and a reluctant hero in the second. I even think the paranormal aspect of it could have been immensely intriguing. Where it lost me was with the suspense part, and how crazy and off-course the book got when the author chose to focus on that rather than the relationship. This one is m/m.

True Colors by Joyce Lamb
4 stars
This is book 2 in the trilogy, and while I could tell that important things happened in the first book (for example, the h/h already have a well established friendship/almost relationship), I didn't have any difficulty jumping right into this one. It was really interesting, with the paranormal/psychic piece of it being a secondary focus and the thriller & relationship being more primary. While I could understand John's reluctance to believe in Alex's abilities, he didn't buy in soon enough for me. I really liked the relationship between the sisters.

True Shot by Joyce Lamb
3.5 stars
I picked this up immediately after reading True Colors. This is book 3 in the trilogy, and brings all 3 sisters back together. The biggest problem that I had with this was the same issue I had with Jo Davis' Under Fire. After a while, I found myself asking what else could possibly happen to this guy? It brought to mind the line from Airplane: "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue." Again, I really liked the psychic aspects of the book, and this one cleared up a lot of the questions I had from the 2nd book. But I still came away feeling rather meh about the book and thinking that it could have been so much better.

Wherever You Are by Sharon Cullen
4 stars
A woman goes from the 21st century and wakes up on an 18th century pirate ship. I really liked the concept, and the characters. I liked that neither Morgan nor Juliana had forgotten the other. I thought the pirate lifestyle portrayed was realistic. I liked the story overall, but thought the overabundance of anachonistic language on Morgan's part especially (even before we find out about the time travel), but even on the part of his crew, seemed too obvious and should have been questioned by someone in the form of "what are you saying?". But at its heart, it's a fated lovers story and I enjoyed it despite my issues with it.

Rocky Mountain Desire (Six Pack Ranch, #3) by Vivian Arend
4 stars
Once again, I really liked the story about the Colemans. I was really worried with the Helen angle, but Vivia Arend took it somewhere very subtlely, and I have a feeling that Helen may yet have more story to tell. As for Hope and Matt, I really liked them together. I like that although she let him take control in the bedroom, she was her own person. And that they talked through their issues. Like grownups and everything. I truly believe in their HEA.

A Night to Surrender (Spindle Cove, #1) by Tessa Dare
5 stars
Beautiful. Funny. Brilliant. Read my review here.

Confessions of an Improper Bride (Donovan Sisters, #1) by Jennifer Haymore
4 stars
Such a refreshing take on the mistaken identity/switching place with your twin theme. And heartbreaking at the same time it's lovely. I do so love Haymore's writing. Read my review here.

Once Upon a Wicked Night (Donovan Sisters, #1.5) by Jennifer Haymore
3 stars
Very short novella that sets up book 2. I felt, after having read the 2nd book, that it could have simply been included in Olivia's book. Page count restrictions perhaps?

Secrets of an Accidental Duchess (Donovan Sisters, #2) by Jennifer Haymore
4 stars
I adored the romance in this book. Loved. It. I thought that too much time was spent on the suspense and (requisite) kidnapping. Haymore's writing is so gorgeous that I'll forgive nearly anything. Read the review here.

Outside the Law by Kara Lennox
3 stars
I enjoyed the hero, and thought at first the heroine's issues were well done. But she seemed unwilling to try and overcome those issues, and Mitch had too much else on his plate to properly address it. Overall, a meh read.

A Simple Amish Christmas by Vannetta Chapman
4 stars
Beautifully written, this is the perfect example of creating a romance with no sex. And I mean none. But in Chapman's capable hands, I didn't miss anything. And it's also the perfect example of how to incorporate religion onto an inspy. It's such an integral part of the Amish way of life that there was no need to stress it anywhere, it became almost another character. I really recommend it. A few more thoughts here.

Claiming Colleen by Beth Kery
4 stars
I loved the continuation of the story arc here. Loved Eric, and how he admitted early on that he wanted Colleen, even though he wasn't quite sure for what. Colleen's been very prickly over these 3 books, and she stayed true to form. I wish she had warmed up sooner. But I really liked that she owned it, and apologized to Eric. The evolution of all these characters from animosity, distrust, and fear to acceptance and becoming a family has been lovely to watch, and I think, quite realistically portrayed. A well done series. I'll definity be interested to read oldest sister Deirdre's story, since she really is at the heart of it all.

Exclusively Yours (Kowalski Family, #1) by Shannon Stacey
5 stars
A reread for me. And I still loved it. The joy, love, and humor Stacey infuses into this family, while at the same time giving them real-life problems to overcome is wonderful. Read my original review here.


  1. Nice list!! :) 15 books is a bit less than usual for you, but still great numbers!! I'm jealous!

    I just finished reading True Vision and it was okay. Actually, there's something between John and Alex that pre-dates True Vision and it wasn't really explained either. So I don't really know when it happened. I think I'll give True Colors a go since I already have the book.

    1. I still feel like I want to go back and read True Vision. I enjoyed the other two, so feel like I'd like to know what happened before John & Alex's book.

  2. You're still reading at least twice as much as me. ;) And you're still paving my way--nearly all new-to-me authors here. Taking notes...


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