Monday, March 26, 2007

Wild Wicked and Wanton by Jaci Burton

Wild, Wicked, & Wanton

Three friends...three secret desires...three chances to make it all come true.

They're inseparable best friends who delight in sharing their wildest secrets and dares. But their latest bet is the boldest one of all: each must sleep with whomever the other two have chosen for her. And come back with every juicy detail...


Abby married the town bad boy. And he lived up to his reputation, bedding any woman who let her guard down. She swore off men for good, but never counted on a pair of sexy veterinarians who are fulfilling a desire of their own.


Blair is the town heartbreaker. Afraid to commit, she's broken off three engagements. Yet there's one man she never had the courage to bed. The one man she really loved. But now, the decision is out her hands.


Callie is the sensible one....but beneath it all she's a true romantic, with the broken heart to prove it. Now her long-dormant fantasies may be getting a workout. A new man enters her life and everything about him is irresistible.

So let me first say how incredibly lucky I feel to have read this book before it's release. It the first Arc I have every read and I am so happy that it's from one of my favorite authors. That being said here we go.

For the longest time I was hesistant to read anthologies, as well as quickies, for me it is very hard to sell a love that will last and give me a HEA in such a short format. Once I finally decided to take the plung I was pleased to see that there are many authors who can plunge you head first into a story and still make you believe that the connection and the love is there. This book is definitely one of them.

From the opening pages of the book I felt connected to Abby, Blair and Callie. Each woman was different and had her own fantasies to fulfill and from the first few paragraphs I was fond of these women. I was cheering them on as they sough out there fantasies and felt as if they were real women I could be friend with them.

First up is Abby, she is the wild one or at least she wants to be. Since her divorce she has been working to make her life what she wants it to be and as she gets closer and closer to her graduation she is presented with a propostion from her bosses at the vet office. Her internship is coming to a close, but for Mike and Seth they have one more lesson they think Abby needs to learn and they are both more than willing to show her.

Both of these men are hot, I won't lie. While one of them is outwardly sexy, That would be Mike, with his movie star good looks and his killer bod he has not trouble finding a willing woman. Seth of course is the quieter of the two but he is just as hot, in that cool I wanna strip you down and lick you all over kind of way. They both want Abby, even if they have to share.

Poor Abby gets to have a hot, erotic threesome with her bosses and then she gets to decide if she wants to see one or both of them. It's a hard job, but believe me Abby is up for the challenge, in the end she make the best choice for her and I couldn't agree more.

Next up is Blair. Blair has a secret one her best friends don't know. One that she even hides from herself, but Rand McKay knows what Blair wants and he is man enough to make sure she gets it. When Blair's plan to take control of her weekend trist with Rand goes wrong, she soon finds out that sometimes giving in is the greatest reward. One of the things I found most interesting in this part was that Rand and Blair had been dancing around each other for so long and yet still did nothing about it. What was even hotter though was when Rand pulled Blair over for speeding, But you'll have to read the book to find out what happened.

Oh yeah did I forget to mention Rand is the town Sheriff and that he has wanted Blair for 15 years. He is one patient man and hello he has handcuffs. Need I say more.

I didn't think so.

Last up is Callie. Callie's story was probably the saddest of the bunch. it has been five years since her husbands death and she has fought long and hard to rebuild her life. She has her own home, her own business and her very own kinky Fantasy. Take one lonely, sexually repressed widow and add on very hot corporate lawyer with his own streak of kink and you've got the man to make all Callie's dreams come true.

Watching as she explores her hidden desires with Jack had me cheering for Callie. From the very begining of her story I was waiting to see how Jaci would give her the HEA she really deserved.

As usual Jaci Burton pens a story packed full with emotion and love, with more than enough of the hot steamy sex she writes so well. This single author anthology is well rounded, emotional and well worth the read. I received this as an ARC from her and I will be ordering it in paperback to add to my growing collection of her books.

If you haven't read Jaci's books you should. Trust me they are so worth it.

You can order Wild Wicked and Wanton here. It releases on May 1st from Berkely Heat.

Now I just wonder how I can convince her to give me an ARC of Hunting the Demon. Well that's another post for another day.


  1. sounds like a great book. Thanks for the review, I just bought 2 new books almost as hot.


  2. Really what two books were they? I'm always looking for new stuff to read. That is why I love being a part of this blog so much. The ladies here read such a wide variety of books, that I am always finding a new author to read and fall in love with.

    And really if you like your books hot then Jaci's book will fit the bill nicely.

    I never feel disatisfied after reading one of her books. Whether it the not so steamy Nothing Personal or her really steamy Bound to Trust. They always have great characters and great story lines. She really does have a way with words.

    She writes her male characters so well that I always seem to fall in love with them just a little. Like Roarke from Fiery Fate and Logan Storm from Winter Ice. OMG I love, love, love them. Then of course there is Mike from Wild, Wicked, and Wanton. I just want to take him home and keep him forever. LOL

  3. Hey Jennifer :P Read your review and thought I commented on it already, but I guess not :P The book definitively sounds good... and I think i'm going to try it, although it might be a bit out of my comfort zone :P

  4. If you think this might be more than you would want Nath I could also recommend Surviving Demon Island from Jaci or Nothing Personal her newest relase from Samhain Publishing.

    I think you might like it though. Jaci is such a great story teller that it's always a joy to read her books.

    I would love to know what you think of it if you read it.

  5. Great review Jenn!

    Nath - I've read at least a half dozen of Burton's stories and Jenn is right--she offers a range in which I'm sure you could find a comfortable read.


Have you read it? What do you think?

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