Thursday, September 06, 2007

Letting Go by Sarah McCarty

I never cease to be amazed by McCarty’s ability to deliver a convincing depth of character in the space of moments. With familiar and telling gestures. Tension—spoken and unspoken—that the reader can all but hear and feel. A physical demeanor clearly visible in the mind’s eye. All in words and turns of phrase that we have not seen before.

No small feat given the brevity of this story, and its erotic content. It is what sets McCarty apart. Period. Her stories engage. Her characters linger. And the intimacy is always inextricably tied to trust.

Constructed on a solid premise, Letting Go easily transports readers to the emotional and sexual fantasy portion of the program. You will silently encourage Becky to submit, to give herself over to Marc. You will be right there, listening to the change jingling in Marc’s pockets, sensing his movement through shadow and light, wondering what’s next—wholly focused on the sensory. Transported.

The only downside to an author capable of pulling you fully into the story? The story’s end. In this case, it came too soon. It’s a Spice Brief. Tightly written, emotionally laden and tension filled. But…too brief. A catch-22. On the one hand, as a means to introduce first-time authors or grow reader base for an established author, the Spice Briefs offer just the right glimpse, an invitation to browse more than just the window display. On the other hand, what happens when the author can’t be simply glimpsed or browsed? When her audition turns the show on its head? A well-timed lasting impression, as intended? Or a disgruntled reader scrolling madly for more? Hopefully both. Cuz Caine’s Reckoning is just around the corner.

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