Saturday, January 01, 2011

Guns and the Girl Next Door by HelenKay Dimon

Agent Holden Price didn't have to go far to find his next case—it crashed right into his living room! Not only had the beautiful blonde lost control of her car, but if she was telling the truth, someone was also trying to kill her. As a recovery agent, he had an obligation to investigate. And he couldn't deny that Mia Landers interested him more than she should.

Nothing made sense to Mia—especially not the attempt on her life. All she could do was trust Holden, the tall, dark and devastating agent who discovered that he and Mia had a common enemy…and a fierce attraction. But in order to act on it, they'd first have to come face-to-face with their darkest fears and a deadly revelation that might put their newfound love on the line.


Thank you to HelenKay Dimon, who kindly provided me with an ARC of this book (although I admit that it didn't convert well at all, so I went ahead and bought a copy). Guns and the Girl Next Door is related to her earlier Intrigue, Under the Gun.

In general, Intrigues aren't my favorite.It's too hard to get a believable romance into such a short page count when there is, at the heart of the book, a fast-moving suspense. But I like the way that Dimon writes them. Her Intrigue heroes are always flawed, and always learn to rely on the strength of their heroines. This book was as much about a team working together and dealing with strengths and weaknesses of their own and each other, as it was about the romance.

Having said that, both Holden and Mia come to rely on each other and it grows slowly from a sexual to a very intimate thing. Although Mia began the sexual relationship with the emotional need to feel clean, they were both surprised with the intensity of feeling that struck. They were torn between embracing it and fighting it, since it brought out both their vulnerabilities.

Their HEA was an assured thing - after all this is a Harlequin, but I liked that Dimon went out of her way to show how safe and good Mia made Holden feel as well as the other way around. It built more believability into their quick fall into love.

I found it hard to believe that there would be no fallout from the death at the end, and so assume that Trevor will make an appearance in the next book as the team continues their hunt for their boss. This is a series, and has an overarcing plotline. We saw the couple from Under the Gun making a big appearance in this one, and it helps to seal their HEA, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of Holden and Mia in the next one, Gunning for Trouble, in Feb.

Another strong book from Dimon, with a messy hero and the heroine he relies on for so much.


  1. I haven't tried reading Harlequin Intrigue before but maybe I should give it a try. Desire and Presents disappointed me in the last months and I'm excited to try something new.

    The story sounds good and entertaining, guess I will get "Under the Gun" in the next days to start with the series.

  2. I generally much prefer the Silhouette Romantic Suspense line to the Intrigue line. It's really hard to balance the intense suspense with a romance in such a short page count. But having said that, Dimon does it really well. She also wrote an unrelated Intrigue called Night Moves that was excellent, just great. (I reviewed it here)


Have you read it? What do you think?

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