Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June Drive-by - Jennifer

So. June. Well, I read two books. Notorious Pleasures by Elizabeth Hoyt. AWESOME. Also read Pleasures Of A Notorious Gentleman by Lorraine Heath. I liked it fine, but enjoyed Passions of A Wicked Earl more.

I also DNF'd My Reckless Surrender by Anna Campbell right at the end of June or maybe the beginning of July. Very emotional, beautifully written. Really, a beautiful read. However, I couldn't accept her motive--the wanting of a certain home. I was bothered enough by it that I couldn't stick it out. Did read it a good two thirds of the way through though. I think I was emotionally vested--testament to Campbell's ability--and as a result, couldn't read another word toward an ending that would reveal her deception.

My summer fun continues, but I may double this number of reads in July, woohoo.

I hope everyone is enjoying this season and all it offers! Here in Northern Michigan, we welcome summer's HOT because our winter is long and crazy cold. I'm taking every moment to warm my bones. Lovin the hot and sweaty. :-) Hope you are too.


  1. LOL, that what happens during summer. What have you been doing? :)

    I'm glad you enjoyed Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman :) I agree though, Passions of a Wicked Earl was better :)

  2. Summer here in jersey is too much for me considering I grew up in a tropical country. But I'm glad ure enjoying, I may just consider relocating there ;-).


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