Sunday, July 01, 2012

ARC: The Virgin's Revenge by Dee Tenorio

If you can't beat 'em...seduce 'em

Amanda Jackman’s love life is the stuff dreams are made of...which is fitting, because it’s all in her head. Thanks to six oversized, overbearing brothers who treat her like the family jewel, she’s lived in a padded little box.

Determined to get a life before she needs a padded little cell, she sets out to throw off the yoke and live on her own terms. Except she seriously underestimates the lengths to which her brothers will go to keep her safe and sound.

Cole Engstrom’s life might just be at an end. Cornered by all six of the massive Jackmans—men he normally considers his friends—he learns he’s their choice to marry their sister...or else. Make that first choice, but not the last.

Rather than watch Amanda’s brothers club their way through potential mates, Cole figures it’s best to just play along for a while and buy her some time to find a man of her own. It’s a good plan. Until Amanda figures it out—and decides he’s the one to relieve her of her “sheltered little virgin” status. One seduction at a time.


Before I begin, I will say this. Although it's an accurate (mostly) note on the book's content, I hate the title. It reminds me of my least favorite Harlequin line, Desire. But don't let that stop you from picking this book up.

I love Dee Tenorio's writing. She uses that mix of humor & emotion as so many of my favorite authors do. I was a little worried at the beginning, when it all seemed a little slapstick, but I don't know why I worried. Tenorio never fails to deliver the goods. My heart broke for Amanda and Cole, while at the same time loving their banter and the realism it contained. I admit to loving Cole just a bit more than Amanda. I loved how he took pride in the way she spread her wings. How he said I love you first. How he stood up to her brother. And I loved how Dee incorporated the personality if a programmer into Cole. I admit to many a night where I was so buried in code I didn't realize morning had come. Perfection. (Both Cole & fun staying up all night working the code).

I missed picking up the other two books in the series before this one, but it was awesome to revisit with the hero and heroine from Betting Hearts, which was my very first book by Dee Tenorio, and I loved it. I will go back to read the others for sure. That being said, obviously this book works beautifully as a stand-alone.

With the ending and the epilogue, it was pretty easy to see where the next book is going. I liked Locke so much.... ok, aside from his caveman tendencies. His situation reminds me a little of Lauren Dane's Brody Brown. Setting aside his own needs and dreams to raise a family of siblings following their parents' death. I can't wait to see him relax a little and loosen up with his heroine.

All in all, a fun, emotional, satisfying read.


  1. I really enjoyed Betting Hearts too. And didn't read the other books. LOL This one sounds cute!


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