Sunday, October 23, 2005

I just Finished

The Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning
This is the story of Dageus MacKelter. Like her other highlander stories we begin in modern times and are whisked back to 16th Century Scotland. This is probably been my favorite of all her books. Dageus is the tortured hero I love to read about. In order to save the brother he loves he breaks the Compact he and his clan have with the Tuatha Dé Danaan. In doing so he has cursed himself and fights the ultimate battle for his life.

In walks a brainy and curious woman whosefascinationn with antiquities pulls her in to the war for Dageus very life. Chloe Zanders has no idea what she is up against when she finds herself at the mercy of Dageus. Once she is there she finds that she can not leave and is willing to do anything to save him.

I have to save I loved this book, in fact this whole series of books is well worth the read. What's not to love about 16th Century Scottish Warriors. What strikes me most about this book and her others is the in depth research she has done to include much of the Scottish, Irish and English folk lore. She has you believing that it is very possible that you could travel back and claim your own Highland Warrior. The imagery is vast and the story compelling. It brought this reader to tears. I definitely recommend this book and any in her series. Her website indicated that you can read the stories as stand alone but I found that I had a much more enriching experience reading them in order. Oh yeah did I mention Dageus has a twin.His story is told in the book before this one. Kiss of the Highlander is the story of Drustan and Gwen. This book should definitely be read before The Dark Highlander.

Now I just have to get the next 2 books in the series and I will be all caught up.You can read more about this series at Ms. Moning's website.


  1. Great interview Jenn. I'm always resistant to historicals that feature English and Scottish folklore due to the fact that sometimes innacuracies are glaring, and totally ruin a book for me.

  2. I love Karen Marie Moning. I have read all 7 of her highlander books.


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