Thursday, October 20, 2005

Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Lady Be Good

Last night, I sat down and read Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ Lady Be Good cover to cover—crawling into bed after 3AM. And while I regret the late hour and lack of sleep, I don’t regret this purely pleasurable, completely frivolous read. It was a delicious remake (in a sense) of Fancy Pants and I loved it. Something about twittery (but smart you know) heroines and lean alphas so tall they “unfold” themselves when getting up.

I also enjoy SEP’s humor, particularly in her secondary characters. In this book, that means Torie (our hero’s sister) and Dex (her arranged intended). The whole arranged marriage thing is handled tongue in cheek (as it should be) and the antics throughout the story are pure SEP. Like Janet Evanovich, SEP delivers humor, but in her own distinct voice. Where Evanovich delivers comic relief, SEP delivers dry, wicked wit. Love that.

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