Wednesday, October 26, 2005

To The Limit by Cindy Gerard

Last week, I read a review of Kill Me Twice by Roxanne St. Clair. The story's premise, albeit a popular and maybe overdone one, appealed to me. Just what I was in the mood for. So, on a rare impulse buy, I picked up this and one other 'similar-in-appearance' book--To The Limit by Cindy Gerard.

I liked them both. But To The Limit was stronger. More complex plot, harder to guess mystery, deeper characterization of both its H/H and secondary characters. And a palpable connection--emotional and physical--between the H/H.

Both feature H/H's in the PI business, all but one with military or government security training. Both feature eccentric billionaires, kidnap victims and decoy corporate mouthpieces. But where Kill Me Twice was a quick, enjoyable read, To The Limit drew me in. Provoked feeling, fear and need.

Its H/H felt more vulnerable, arriving at the conclusion bruised and battered emotionally and physically. In Kill Me Twice, the H/H escape physical harm even in the most dangerous circumstances. That doesn't always bother me--that lack of believability--but I found To The Limit to be a truer telling of relationships, family and dangerous professions. Its believability and strong characterization made it the better of the two reads.


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  2. sounds like one I will pick up - thanks Jennifer!



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