Thursday, April 19, 2007

Catching up on what I read the last couple of months...

I promised to catch up, and I think I got everything into my spreadsheet, but I wouldn't swear to it. I was working 60 hour weeks all during Feb, March, and up til now. Do NOT ask me where on earth I found the time to do all this reading. Pure escape from my life, I guess. I didn't however, find any time or inclination to write many of these books, although several of them were excellent! I'm too lazy to figure out percentages this month... it's easy when I'm caught up, cause the spreadhseet dfoes it for me, but if I have to go back in time, I'd have to figure it out for myself, and it's 11:15 at night. Simple to do, but SO not gonna happen!

February's reads:

Books read: 13
Books Reviewed: 5
A: 6
A-: 2
B: 3
B-: 2
New-to-me Authors: 4
Contemporary: 6
Hist-Medieval: 1
Hist-Western American: 5
Other: 1
Nonfiction: 1
Time Travel: 1 ( called Sierra's Homecoming a Time Travel, even though it really isn't - I wasn't sure how else to categorize it...)
Romantic Suspense: 3
Straight Romance: 7
Series Romance: 1
Print: 13
Ebook: 0

Kiss Me While I Sleep ~~ Linda Howard ~~ A
As Always, Jack ~~ Emma Sweeney ~~ B
Match Me if You Can ~~ Susan Elizabeth Phillips ~~ A-
McKettrick's Choice ~~ Linda Lael Miller ~~ B+
McKettrick's Luck ~~ Linda Lael Miller ~~ A
Secondhand Bride ~~ Linda Lael Miller ~~ B+
Reckless Love ~~ Elizabeth Lowell ~~ B
Sierra's Homecoming ~~ Linda Lael Miller ~~ B-
Count to Ten ~~ Karen Rose ~~ A
You Can't Hide ~~ Karen Rose ~~ A
Fall From Grace ~~ Kristi Gold ~~ B-
Keegan's Lady ~~ Catherine Anderson ~~ A
Midnight Eyes ~~ Sarah Brophy ~~ A-

Up next, March's reads.


  1. Hmmm, this feels a little like cheating. LOL I've been reading so many older books recommended by others, I figured why review them. But I could rate them with grades. Good idea.

  2. I graded the Karen Rose books the same. Love her work! I've read 3 books by her so far. I'm almost through her backlist. *sob*

  3. I never rated them with grades before... ever. But my new spreadsheet (courtesy of Rosario) has this grading system and has all kinds of cool graphs and stats, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm not really thrilled with it (the grading... love the spreadsheet!), and I doubt I'll continue, simply because I tend to enjoy most things I read, and grading just seems so mean. You'll notice the lack of Cs and Ds :) LOL.

  4. You bring out an interesting point Lori. We review only a fraction of what we read. I wonder if other blogger/reviewers do the same?

  5. Great list you have here Lori...I really liked Match Me by SEP and Kiss Me (though that book isn't one of my favs by LH), Hmmm...I'm seeing a lot of the McKettrick's going around and I bought McKettrick's Choice and couldn't stand the heroine, I'm going to have to give the other books a shot!


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