Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Seven-Year Seduction

Seven-Year Seduction by Heidi Betts

BLURB: Time could not erase the fire between them...

Connor Riordan was the last person Beth Curtis wanted to walk down the aisle with, even if it was only at her brother’s wedding. Being close to him was too painful a reminder of her girlhood fantasies--featuring none other than Connor himself.

That crush had culminated in one night of passion and seven years of bitterness; and even now, Beth’s anger warred against her attraction to Connor. Still, there was too much history, too many secrets, that would prevent her from ever loving him again.

But when a storm strands the two together, Beth is in for a surprise. Connor has a secret of his own—he plans on seducing Beth. A seduction seven years in the making...

Quick not-so-professional review: I grabbed this one off my TBR shelf one night when I couldn't fall asleep but was hoping to find a book that would put me to sleep... so NOT what I found. I found a diamond in my TBR stack... a FANTASTIC book that, to me, was not a typical SD. No siree. It was way more than I even imagined.

Boy is girl's older brother's best friend, like one of the family, and girl has the hots for boy in high school. After a game one night girl and boy grab something to eat, go park and eat, then act on their attractions and have sex. Girl is thinking boy is just as enamored as she is, but boy never calls.

Seven years later... girl is home for her brother's wedding, and boy is the best man. Girl and boy dance at wedding, and boy's live-in girlfriend(LIG) at the time sees there's more than meets the eye and confronts boy. Girl is the reason why LIG and boy aren't married but rather only living together, she sees it plain as day and breaks it off. Boy doesn't feel so bad because he knows it's the truth. Boy gets kicked out of and needs to find a place to stay, so girl's older brother/boy's best friend says he can stay at his place while he and the new wife are on their honeymoon. Girl gets slobbering drunk because of boy and their past, trying to forget it all.

Girl wakes up the next morning goes into the kitchen and sees boy standing in her brother's kitchen. Heh heh. Sparks fly in more ways than one, and at first she wants to leave but then ends up staying. They spend time together, get their freak on, resolve the past.

Girl leaves, heads back to job in LA, boy realizes he's in love with her. Boy talks with best friend, best friend/girl's brother tells him to go for it. Boy tracks down girl in LA, declares his love, proposes, she accepts, wants to move back home, and they live happily ever after.

SIGH. Lovely. Love these kind of stories. Ms. Betts delivers great characterization and a fast-paced read, one I highly recommend.

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  1. One of the best things ever is finding a surprise in the TBR. I've looked at a few Heidi Betts books from time to time and never gotten one. Maybe it's time to give her a try.


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