Thursday, April 19, 2007

March's reads...

Books read: 13
Books Reviewed: 1
A: 5
A-: 2
B+: 3
B: 1
B-: 1
C: 1
New-to-me Authors: 1
Contemporary: 9
Hist-Regency Era: 2
Hist-Western American: 2
Romantic Suspense: 2
Straight Romance: 11 (even though many of these had an element of suspense, I'd still categorize them as straight romance)
Print: 13
Ebook: 0
McKettrick's Heart ~~ Linda Lael Miller ~~ B+
No Safe Place ~~ JoAnn Ross ~~ B+
Once and Always ~~ Judith McNaught ~~ A-
All that Glitters ~~ Linda Howard ~~ B-
Mackenzie's Mission ~~ Linda Howard ~~ A
Mackenzie's Mountain ~~ Linda Howard ~~ A
Mackenzie's Magic ~~ Linda Howard ~~ B
A Game of Chance ~~ Linda Howard ~~ A
Catives of the Night ~~ Loretta Chase ~~ C
Never Love a Cowboy ~~ Lorraine Heath ~~ A
Never Marry a Cowboy ~~ Lorraine Heath ~~ A
Close to You ~~ Kathryn Shay ~~ B+

A couple notes:
I promise April is much more diverse. I have read several e-books also this month. I may even get a review up before the end of the month, LOL!

A note about the other two McKettrick books (the new contemp trilogy). I complained that McKettrick's Luck didn't give me the feeling of "connectedness" between the three main guys that the historicals did. The second and third books, McKettrick's Pride & McKettrick's Heart, do a much better job than did McKettrick's Luck - especially Heart. I got a true sense of the history of the three main characters, the feelings of brotherhood (even though they are cousins), and what ties them together. I still prefer the historicals, but the new trilogy got better as it went along.

And my copies of High Country Bride and Shotgun Bride came today, along with Chasing Stanley, Take Me Tonight (Bullet Catchers, No 3), The Naked Earl, and Mistress of Scandal! Woohoo! Already started High Country Bride :)

Now I feel semi-caught up. I still feel guilty I haven't posted any reviews, but I'll let it go and start anew!


  1. You gave All That Glitters by Linda Howard a B? B??? I swear that was the worst piece of drivel I ever read.


    I love the MacKenzie series. Soooo good. :)

  2. Hey, I've always said, I'm pretty forgiving. And it was a B-. And I was so darn tired, I think I just went down the row and gave everything an A or a B - you know A=good, B= worse than good LOL. I didn't grade them as I read them. I think I'm doing the same thing this month *snicker* I'm not so sure this grading system is for me. *shaking head* But I do like the tracking system, so maybe I'll just keep that.


Have you read it? What do you think?

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