Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 Reads In Review

I feel compelled to do this now that I saw Jennifer did hers, but mine won't be nearly as organized LOL

Like Jennifer, included in my top reads were:
  • 1) Nalini Singh as well, but mostly Slave to Sensation and Visions of Heat. Caressed by Ice was good, but not up to the caliber of the first two.
  • 2) I also Megan Hart's Broken and Dirty. Great reads.

One's JB didn't mention that I thought were great:
  • 1) Second Time Around by Marie Ferrarella. Wonderful story.
  • 2) The Me I Used To Be by Jennifer Archer. Bawled my eyes out. Loved it.
  • 3) Then there's Mallery's Her Last First Date, witty and fun.
  • 4) McCarty's Caine's Reckoning. Hot, sexy, Alpha... another great McCarty.
  • 5) High Noon by NR.
  • 6) Innocent In Death by JD Robb... all of them really. Thoroughly enjoy them, every single time.
  • 7) Up Close & Dangerous by Linda Howard
  • 8) Seven-Year Seduction by Heidi Betts
Last year I discovered JD Robb and the In Death series, so I got to read all the back stories in the series and wheeeee was that awesome! This year, after much apprehension on my part, after much urging by way of Sarah McCarty, Jennifer, and the Mobettes who were talking about Julie Garwood's historicals, specifically The Bride, I felt it was time to take the plunge... and Lord am I glad I did. The Bride, The Wedding... The McBain...GRRR. This year I discovered HIGHLANDERS!!! And I devoured as many highlander books as I possibly could from Monica McCarty to Karen Hawkins, Karen Ranney to Melissa Mayhue. They were all great and enjoyable highlanders, but none of them compare to Garwoods. NONE.

I'm so sure I'm leaving something out, but

All in all it was a good year for me reading wise. I read 143 books total and out of that I only had 3 DNFs. Not bad.


  1. WOw, only 3 DNF's. Lucky you. I had about 15 of them. Ugh.

    I just discovered the In Death series myself. Well, I knew of it, I just didn't read any of them. Holly totally bullied me into starting them. I'm glad she did :)

    You are the first person (that I know of) who agress that Caressed by ice wasn't as good as the first two in the series.
    Have you seen the cover for the next book? It's horrid. I can't wait to read it though.

    Highlanders are so hot. Yummy!

  2. What do you mean not as organized? Way organized my long-haired friend. Robb and Garwood in one year. Sigh. Plus two new McCarty books. You had a good year. *g*

    I'm with Chantal, I had a few more DNFs--rare for me. Also had a few I literally skimmed through. Not so good. I need to find my reading mojo again for 08, LOL.

  3. Well, Jen, I've got two books about to be sent on their way to you, and I can guarantee one of them is fabulous.

    You're right, Caine WAS last year for critique. But I did reread it, of course. Man, how many McCarty's did I read this year being one of her crit partners? Everything she's written thus far... Five, six books? She so rocks.

    I just received my AUTOGRAPHED copy of NR Blood Brothers today. I was happy dancing and had I been alone, I'd have done it nekkid! LOL

  4. Congrats on your 2007 reads...reading goals for 2008?
    Wanted to let you know I have added your site to my Bookworm's Ballroom blogroll.

  5. Sooo glad we converted you to the historical dark side, LOL! And can I say told ya so?! Although highlanders haven't always been my favorites, you can't beat a great historical :)

  6. I saw that you liked The Bride and The wedding ... have you tried Ransom and The Secret? And if you love highlanders, wait till you meet the Camerons in Marsha Canham's The Pride of Lions and The Blood of Roses!!

  7. Penelope - I've added your blog link to this site as well!


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