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Lori's 2007 Roundup

Well, the year started out with a bang for me, and unfortunately ended with a fizzle. Mostly due to my work schedule, I'm sure. I'm committed to doing more reading and more reviewing, even with my hectic work schedule. But, I wanted to get my year in review up, too. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite reads of 2007:

1. Karen Rose's first 4 books: I couldn't pick one - they were all do fan-fricken-tastic. Don't Tell, Have You Seen Her, I'm Watching You, and Nothing to Fear were all wonderfully written, tight, intense, romantic suspense books. Rose's characterization is excellent, and her multiple POVs are perfectly done. The other 2 released this year - You Can't Hide and Count to Ten were equally as intense and fabulous. Rose will make the leap to HC in 2008 (Damn it!).

2. Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank: This was a completely new world for me, and the first paranormal I just couldn't put down. Isabella brought me out of a slump of heroine-hating. A+ to Frank for that alone! If only Gideon could have lived up to this one. (Side note - I dug Elijah!)

3. Last Words by Mariah Stewart: Highly suspenseful and emotional, I was pulled into the story of Mia and Beck from the get-go. Stewart has written another strong, capable, yet vulnerable heroine, along with another flawed, yet thoughtful and thoroughly wonderful hero. Her descriptive text is flawless, her characterizations are deep and appropriate, and her sense of suspense is terrific.

4. Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught: This book was just amazing, and it sent me on a McNaught glom. McNaught's writing paints beautiful pictures, and seeing Jordan and his autocratic, cynical grandmother both melt under Alex's wide-eyed excitement for life made me remember why I started reading romance lo those many years ago. Jordan is a fabulous hero, and Alex the perfect heroine for him.

5. The Viscount in Her Bedroom by Gayle Callen: There was nothing I didn't like about this book. Great hero, great heroine, wonderful story. This was a heartwarming, touching story, filled with love and humor.

6. The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt: Who didn't have one of this trilogy on their top 10? Wow - what a find Hoyt is. This was my favorite by far of the trilogy. I just adored Edward. Hoyt writes fabulously well. The entire trilogy is fan-dam-tastic. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

7. A Passion for Him by Sylvia Day: Day's writing gets better with each book she releases. More mature, more depth. The emotions and romances she portrays are among the best in the business. This series got a bit bogged down in the suspense, but the romance between the hero and heroine in this book reads like a how-to. Simply beautiful.

8. Kiss Me While I Sleep by Linda Howard: Another author I discovered this year. How did I go so long without reading a Howard? This sent me on a glom par excellence! The story was well thought out, and took enough twists and turns to keep me interested, but wasn't so convoluted that I gave up in frustration. It was a terrific twist to have the heroine be an assassin. Howard built a tremendous amount of character into Lily. And, even though the surface of Lucas was kept light and fluffy, she let us see inside to know who he was underneath, so that I grew to care about him. Wonderfully written book. But the interaction and dialogue between the H&H is where this book shined. The dialogue was fabulous! Loved this one.

Honorable mentions:
Ascension by Lauren Dane: What sets this one apart for me? Simple. Lauren Dane. Her voice, her characters.
Caine's Reckoning by Sarah McCarty: Her heroines are women who should be broken by their life experiences, yet somehow discover a strength within themselves that brings their men to their knees. And Sarah McCarty does write just the most fabulous sensitive uber-alphas. Just wonderful.
Secondhand Bride by Linda Lael Miller: Jeb and Chloe's story was my favorite. This was a terrific book, filled with fun, laughter, heartbreak, forgiveness, alpha ego, female bonding, and strong family ties.

I was totally psyched to find a few new-to-me authors. Judith McNaught and Linda Howard have been writing fabulous books forever, and how it was that I hadn't read them before I'll never know. But thank goodness I discovered them this year! And I'm happy I found the McKettrick books as well from Linda Lael Miller.

Brand-spankin'-new authors Hoyt and Frank were a find indeed. Although Gideon was a dud compared to Jacob, Elijah was a terrific book (I never did review it, but I read it a couple weeks ago and did like it almost as much as Jacob).

And what a find is Karen Rose? I think she has taken the RS world by storm! Has anyone ever made the leap to hardcover so quickly? My rant on HCs for a 3rd year in a row now notwithstanding, I'm thrilled for her.


  1. Oh man, I remember when I 'found' Linda Howard. Loved, loved, loved her books.

    So Elijah was good, eh? Guess I'll have to go back and try to get into Gideon again.

    And remember that contemporary binge I mentioned in my year in review? Guess who started it? Yup, Karen Rose--these first four books you mention. LOL Great reads.

    McNaught is on my TBR list as is Callen. LOL

    See? We're not so far apart in reading tastes after all.

  2. Don't bother trying to get back into Gideon. I never did seal up that box (go figure - did I mention Im a flake?). So I'll toss Elijah into it as well...

  3. I have Karen Rose on by TBR list (Lori, you sent me a couple I think and my library has the rest). This is a way cool list. While you did convert me to historicals, it's only some. I hate the flowery ones. Gawd, gag me. LOL I'm going to try Kay Hooper's Blood Dreams on the mention by Rosie. She said it scared her and I always love a good book like that, but I'm number like 34 or something at the library so maybe I'll try some of her backlist. Nah, I'll just read Karen Rose first.
    I'm trying a new author, first book, One Last Breath by Laura Griffin, she sold film rights to. Pretty cool, huh? First book and all. That's my next read.

  4. I discovered Hoyt last year too and loved her. And I totally agree about Sylvia Day.

    BTW, thanks for the mention for Ascension!

  5. McNaught is one of my all-time favorites, and her early historicals are wonderful. I totally agree with that choice :)

  6. Judith McNaught's historicals are amazing - the others, eh. Definitely read Almost Heaven - by far her best historical. Also Kingdom of Dreams is great, and Once and Always.

  7. Hi Anonymous. I've read all 3. Loved them all! And you're right - her historicals are amazing. I definitely thoroughly enjoy her contemporaries, but nowhere near as much as her historicals.


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