Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 Year In Review

Hmmmm. I read 43 fewer books this year than last—with more time on my hands this year than in previous, employed years. As with other aspects of my life, I think the worry and stress associated with not working proved more a distraction this past year than the hectic, work-filled days of the years before it. I accomplished so much more with less time back then. LOL

I also hit more than one reading slump this year. First I went on a contemporary binge and, because I’m less familiar with good contemp authors, I quickly ran out of books to feed that binge. Second, I hit a run of not-so-good books that slowed me down a bit. Unusual for me as I’m not all that hard to please.

Looking back, there were very few Wow reads. And even fewer new-to-me authors that excited.

In 2006, I fell in love with paranormals courtesy of Marjorie Liu and Maria V. Snyder. And borderline-despicable heroes thanks to Anne Stuart. And military alphas that truly command via Gennita Low. Oh, and bad-ass adolescents by way of Tara Janzen and J.R. Ward. To feed my historical hunger, I worked my way through the best of Lisa Kleypas and Loretta Chase. And found Lisa Valdez. All standouts.

In 2007, Liu continued to impress with A Dream of Stone and Shadow, Eye of Heaven and Soul Song. I kept going with Stuart’s Ice Blue and another half dozen of her older titles. Gennita Low gave me one of the few Wow reads with Virtually His. Janzen’s On The Loose and Ward’s Lover Revealed were runner-up Wow reads. Snyder and Valdez were no-shows and Kleypas’ Mine Til Midnight is still on my TBR list.

There were also two authors that captured my attention at the very end of 06—Ashley Gardner and Elin Hilderbrand. Their backlists provided some of the best of 07 reading as well.

For all that, 2007 felt very much like a follow-up year to 2006—kind of like I was tidying up after the new finds of 06.

As for the shiny new, I found Nalini Singh, Elizabeth Hoyt and Renee Bernard. Then there was Megan Hart. All additions to my auto-buy list. The highest praise you’ll see here.

The list, in no particular order, goes something like this:

1) Nalini Singh: Slave To Sensation, Visions Of Heat, Caressed By Ice
2) Elizabeth Hoyt: The Raven Prince, The Leopard Prince, The Serpent Prince
3) Renee Bernard: A Lady’s Pleasure, Madame’s Deception
4) Gennita Low: Virtually His
5) Jamie Denton: The Matchmaker
6) Megan Hart: Dirty, Broken
7) JR Ward: Lover Revealed
8) Tara Janzen: On The Loose
9) Ashley Gardner: Captain Lacey Regency Mystery series

Honorable Mentions:

· Lydia Joyce: Whispers Of The Night, Voices Of The Night
· Deborah Smith: Sweet Hush, Crossroads Café
· Jo Goodman: Devilish, A Season To Be Sinful


  1. I like Lydia Joyce very much. She writes such deep h/h.

    I'm collecting Deborah Smith, but I have not actually read anything by her yet.

  2. Good recap. But I can't believe you haven't read Deb Smith's A Gentle Rain yet. It' awesome.

  3. Wow, no JD Robb or NR in that list. Shocking! No McCarty or Mallery on there? You HEATHEN! Those are my faves and not necessarily yours so I'll overlook your not putting them on your list. :-)

    Going to put my list up now. LOL

  4. LOL Somehow I feel like I've been caught in public in my underwear.

    Anne - First, the truth about Sarah McCarty's Caine's of read that last year. A privelege and honor and a Wow 06 read. One that I couldn't put on last year's top 10 (cuz it wasn't out yet) and one I put under the re-read column in this year's spreadsheet. That's why I missed it during my recap. LOL Undoubtedly it was one of 07's best releases. Stunning actually.

    And JD Robb never disappoints. This year's In Death titles were great reads, like coming home, and I guess they fall into the 'granted' category for me. LOL Roberts' High Noon was also good (I remember that much), but honestly, when I looked at that entry in my reading list, I couldn't remember the story. So not a Wow, stay with me title.

    And Mallery? Good, but not as good as you.

    Linda - Um, were you going to send A Gentle Rain? Can't recall.

    Chantal - I think I liked how different Joyce's books were. Dark historicals with a paranormal feel, without being paranormals. I'll definitely continue to read her stuff. And Deborah Smith? You'll like her, you'll really like her.

  5. Damn Jen, you made me tear up. "And Mallery? Good, but not as good as you." High praise indeed. HUGS!

  6. Laughing at the Caine's Reckoning admission...

    For once, we have totally different lists. Interesting. Because you spread your wings, and I completely missed my goal of spreading mine. *sigh*

    I swear Megan Hart is on my list to read. Honest.

  7. I really loved jenn's Virtually His too. I've enjoyed all her books and I thought VH was a gutsy leap and it totally worked for me.

    And thumbs up to Megan's books as well and Nalini too - both authors totally deserving of the praise they receive.

  8. It's true Anne.

    And I've already pointed out that our reading preferences are still close Lori. *g* Read Megan Hart. You won't be disappointed.

    Hi Lauren! Actually, Virtually His is my number one Wow read of 07. No other book elicited a reaction like this one. No other book even came close. Low took characterization to a whole new level for me--and the insight her technology gave us into these characters' heads only heightened their complexity. It didn't give away any secrets. Loved, loved, loved this book.

    And swear to God, I WILL read your booklist this year. I know I said that last year, but really, I'm going to make it my mission now. Rearranging my TBR list as we speak.


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