Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich

Title: Fearless Fourteen
Author: Janet Evanovich

Type: Contemporary Romance/Comedy
Published: 2008

You can read it here.

Why: Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series is a must-read for me.

Thoughts: Finally. As in, I finally got around to reading it. I spent most of the summer on the library’s waiting list because every time I was up, I failed to pick up the book on time and was bumped further down the list. Couple weeks back, I got the call and got my butt to the library for it. Promptly took it home and put it in my TBR stack. Didn’t think of it again until the library notified me that it was overdue. Sigh. So Monday night, I sat down with the intention of reading it straight through (won’t go into the reasons why this was possible, but it was). And I did.

You can do that with a Plum novel. Employing the cadence of a droll smart-ass, Evanovich pens the ultimate fast read. The writing is economical, the punch lines expertly timed. Of course, knowing these characters as well as we do helps too. Instant rhythm.

So I read it beginning to end and enjoyed it, beginning to end. Always do. What I particularly liked about this one was its light-heartedness. I know they’re all relatively light and laughable, but some have featured nastier villains with scarier consequences. Those were good, but this one was a nice break. Yes, the kidnapped Mom and toe thing were disturbing, but the danger to Stephanie personally—and the corresponding reaction from her men—felt minimal. That’s what I mean by a break from usual. Either that, or Evanovich is allowing Plum to grow in ability and independence—doing her job without as much hands-on or after-the-fact-ass-saving from the guys.

Another break from routine (that may also be a calculated move to ‘grow’ Stephanie) was the almost complete absence of emotional conflict (of the love life kind) for her. Sure, she spends time with Ranger, to Morelli’s mild annoyance. But her and Ranger trade only one or two references to their attraction. Adult references, powerful, but short and to the point. Meanwhile, her and Morelli cohabitate with relative ease. In neither case is there a surge of internal angst over her dual loves. Just acceptance. Or deferral. Worked for me.

As did the usual cast, new characters and extras. Entertaining, but with enough depth to garner reader attention. Evanovich could go on in this vein til the cows come home. I’d still read her for the laughs.


  1. I still haven't read Lean Mean Thirteen yet!!! I need to catch up on Stephanie when I get a chance. Her books still make me laugh.

    And I'm still rooting for Ranger.

  2. This one is in my TBR pile. I love Evanovich.

  3. I love this series! I'm only starting, and how great to know there are so many strong ones in it.

  4. OK, here's another series I always meant to read...

    I'm just not a huge fan of the same character series. Don't know why...

  5. Dev & Lauren - This series really is a good one for your TBR lists and stacks. LOL It's one in there you KNOW will be a fun read. Like having a guarantee in reserve.

    Carolyn Jean - So glad you've found this series too - lots of laughs ahead of you.

    Lori - One reading point we differ on (there aren't many!). I love continuing storylines from one book to the next.


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