Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Reflections... and my top 10

In another 2 weeks, our little blog will be 4 years old. Jen wrote about her top 10 reviews a couple weeks ago. It got me thinking about my favorite reviews. And in looking back at some of my reviews, I realized once again just how much I love to read. Isn't it wonderful how much joy reading can bring into our world?

An even greater joy for me was discovering other like-minded readers online. Readers like Nikki, who is practically my doppleganger when it comes to books. We are almost always reading the same books at the same time. And from a series? We're almost guaranteed to have the same favorite. It's almost freaky-scary. But we laugh about it every time we see each other. Which isn't often enough, given that we only live 20 minutes apart. But life intervenes.

And readers like the rest of the So Cal Bloggers - Wendy, Rosie, Tracy, Holly, Renee, Rowena, Alice, Blanche, Daphne (and Lisabea - our honorary So Cal Blogger) - I feel so fortunate to have met them. You never know who you're gonna meet when you go off to meet your internet friends. There are some nasty freakies out there. But we all lucked out. Big-time. Not a nasty freaky in the bunch :) Just a lot of women who love to talk and read books.

But I especially feel fortunate to have gotten a recommendation on Amazon one day that read: If you liked Lori Foster's book, you may also like Sarah McCarty's books. Why? Because I read Promises Prevail (awesome book, BTW) which led me to her online Yahoo group, where I met JenniferB and Anne. Without a doubt, two of my best friends. And even though I've never met Jen in person (dammit - this year fo sho), we talk on IM almost every day, and I feel like I've known her forever. The day she invited me to join her little start-up blog for book reviews was one of the luckiest days of my life. It started a great friendship. And a blog that's been a blast, too! And we had a blast doing the Let's Gab blog as well.

So... mushy mushy stuff out of the way, here are my favorite reviews, in no particular order.

  1. Trust in Me by Kathryn Shay
  2. Our Endangered Values by Jimmy Carter
  3. England's Perfect Hero by Suzanne Enoch
  4. Giving Chase by Lauren Dane
  5. Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase
  6. Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase (which I loved so much, it took up two posts)
  7. Into the Fire by Anne Stuart
  8. Chasing Stanley by Deirdre Martin (which I hated so much, I ranted)
  9. Rhett Butler's People by Donald McCaig
  10. He Said... The Gentleman's Club Series by Patricia Waddell


  1. I count myself equally lucky Miss! I'm as blessed by our friendship and love you much!

  2. Awwwww....I'm gettin' misty over here. Many thanks Harlequin Readin' Homegirl ;-)

  3. What a sweet post, Lori!

    Can you believe I've never read LORD OF SCOUNDRELS? What kind of romance reader am I?! lol


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