Monday, November 30, 2009

YotC: One Good Man by Alison Kent

Ten years ago Jamie Danby was the only survivor of a senseless killing spree. Because the killer was never found, Jamie has lived her life in hiding, waiting for the worst. Now she's in danger again and she's not sure she can handle it. Until one sexy, rugged, gorgeous man strides into her life, determined to protect her at any cost!

Kell Harding is a Texas Ranger—and how! They don't make 'em tougher. Jamie soon finds out that they don't make 'em hotter either!

But Kell plans only to keep Jamie safe—not keep her forever. As soon as his assignment is done, so is he.

At least, that's what he thinks…


It’s very difficult to write really complete stories in category length, especially Blaze, IMO, where so much of the emphasis is on the sex. Alison Kent is an author who excels in this format, never shortchanging the story or the characters for the sake of the sex.

In this book, Jamie was the sole survivor of a mass murder in a diner, and 10 years later, the cold case has been reopened and Kell is the Ranger assigned. He’s determined to not only solve the case, but also to help Jamie in any way he possibly can. Here is one instance where the title of the book is actually truly fitting.

Here’s a book where almost all the issues belong to the heroine. Rightfully so. She’s beautifully flawed. She drinks. She is distrustful. She is skittish. She is unwilling to think about tomorrow. Kent establishes this slowly, but by the time that Jamie and Kell have sex, we understand it and want Kell to break through and heal her. Even though Kell is sure he will walk away when the case is solved, he finds he is unable to, and we’ve seen him day by day become tied more closely to Jamie.

I can’t recall a single Alison Kent book that I’ve not enjoyed. She’s able to write a complete book in category length; one that doesn’t feel rushed or forced in any way, yet when it’s finished, you can feel that the H/H are in love. She’s one of my favorite contemporary authors, whether it’s single title or category. The Sweetest Taboo is one of my all-time favorite Blazes, and I just finished With Extreme Pleasure, and really liked that one as well. King is a great hero. Loved him.

But I digress... Point was, that I really liked One Good Man. If you're looking for a good Blaze to warm up with on a cold night, this is a good one :)


  1. Man, I've got a bunch of her Brava books and maybe a Blaze or two. I'll need to dig them out. Great review Lori! For some reason the fact that the heroine drinks got my attention - don't see that too often.

  2. Sounds good :D I've actually never read her books.

  3. Oh Nath, she's written so many great books! You need to read her!


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