Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Author newsletters

Dear Author,

I receive newsletters from some of my favorite authors and publishers. I opted in to receive your emails because you advertised that I will receive information about your upcoming books and new releases.

I received a newsletter this morning that not only talked about your upcoming books, but also an organization that you are involved with politically. I make no bones about my political leanings, but had this email included information about a moderate or leftist organization, I would have the same reaction as I had to its conservative leanings. My reaction? No!!!! Please don't!!!

I sign up to receive information from authors such as you for one reason only — your books. Period. If I wanted to know more about your politics, I will follow you on Twitter or Facebook, or read your blog. Social media is the more appropriate place, IMO, for such conversations. Because via email, I expect to only receive that information that I've requested, and/or been promised. My inbox is already too flooded with emails from people and organizations I really don't want to hear from - I don't want to worry that the emails I asked specifically to receive are now sending something other than what they promised.

I will give you one more newsletter to determine if I am going to unsubscribe. This may have been a flook, and I do want to know about your upcoming publications. However, if it happens again, I will be forced to unsubscribe. Please don't alienate me from wanting to read your books like that. It makes me sad.

Authors. Please don't send information about political organizations (of any variety) in a newsletter that is supposed to be about your books. Please feel free to talk about the organizations that you feel passionately about. I certainly do. But please don't do it in an email about your upcoming books. Do it on your blog, or on twitter and Facebook, or any other social media.

Much love,

What do you think? Would it bother you if your author newsletters started containing information on political organizations? Would you rather see it elsewhere, like twitter or Facebook or a blog? Or does it not matter to you? Inquiring minds and all that...


  1. OMG - yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I get enough of that political bullshit in my Real Life, the last thing I want is for it to invade my reading. You know, the reading I do because it's a fun, leisure activity. And I'm with you. I'm an equal opportunity hater when it comes to this sort of thing. Conservative, Liberal, Anarchist, Libertarian, Communist etc. etc. etc. I pretty much want all political crap FAR, FAR AWAY from my reading material of choice.

    Uh, which would probably explain why I tend to avoid romance novels that feature politicians as characters huh?

  2. Great post.

    Yes, it bothers me a lot. It also bothers me when authors do it on their official sites on fb or twitter.

    I follow an author because I want to know more of the books, the writing process, etc. and not to be annoyed by politics. One author does this on her fb site and I unfollowed her because it annoyed me.

  3. It doesn't bother me so much on FB, because I don't "follow" authors there. I use site that for my "real" life.

    It's almost more of a business decision really. Do you risk offending/alienating some of your readers with your politics, or do you keep that to yourself or put it on your personal page.

    I'm actually fine with either one, because I expect to get more than simply book promo when someone is on twitter or FB. Just not in my emails.

  4. I would have unsubscribed to the newsletter immediately. That is not the kind of information you signed up for, so to me, it is a breach of integrity quite honestly.

    On twitter or facebook or even the author's blog, I would say anything goes because those lend themselves to be more personal anyway. But I say in an emailed newsletter is a big no-no.

  5. I would absolutely hate getting political opinion or endorsements from authors. I only want book info people! :)


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