Thursday, August 19, 2010

Whatcha reading? And missing authors...

I've been reading a mix of old and new titles. When I get to feeling blah and have no idea what I want to read, I turn to my two favorite genres: historicals and romantic suspense.

So in a fit of "I don't know what the hell I want to read - nothing sounds good!", I read the last 2 Hathaway books by Lisa Kleypas and I'm rereading the Hearts of the South series from Linda Winfree.

Loved the Kleypas books. They were simply feel-good reads for me. And the Winfrees? Well, I've reviewed her enough around here that you have to know how much I adore her writing. Wendy did an interesting post over at Readers Gab that made me think of Winfree. She is always an emotional read for me. There's a point in each book, sometimes in the beginning, sometimes not until the middle, but there's always this point where I feel my stomach clench until it actually hurts. Her books never fail to elicit this reaction.

I'm up to Tom's book: Memories of Us, book 5 (really, I consider it book 6, because for some reason What Mattered Most, the prequel, isn't included in the series order). I'm so damn happy to be reading this series again.

Lately, I've noticed that I don't remember a whole lot about many of the books I read. Remembering character names, plots, authors - it's all becoming more and more difficult for me. Not sure if it's me, or that everything is starting to read the same and there aren't any tremendous stand-outs. I never have that problem with a Winfree book. I always remember the characters' names and the story. Even little tiny details. But I'm finding so much more rich detail this time around that I missed the first time. I even am noticing the times that Ash is seen and mentioned, something I never noticed in my first reads. Loving this series. Again.

But. I haven't seen any information about Winfree since the release of Uncovered last year. Her website hasn't been updated in forever. She hasn't posted anything on her blog. I really want a new book from her. But I also hope that everything is ok in her end of the world. Anybody know anything about her? New books on the horizon? Everything ok?

And what are you reading? Do you have a favorite go-to genre, or author, or series when you get the reading blahs? Help a girl out.


  1. My go-to reads tend to be category romance. They're quick, they're short, and when done right, I get that emotional punch from them.

    Oh, and in case you didn't know - looks like Allison Brennan has a new romantic suspense series coming out. I don't know much about it yet - so you'll need to do some digging - but Book #1 is Love Me To Death and is slated for 12/28/10. It's the first book in the "Lucy Kincaid series."

  2. Oh, I already knew! Love those Kinkaids. Not sure why following a single character over several books is becoming such a trend. But I am excited to read them :)

  3. My go-to books are romances, mostly fav books by Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, SEP and others.

    I also like to read Harlequins Presents because they are short and I know what to expect.

  4. I've never read Winfree. But I do like books with an emotional punch. I'll see what my library has.

    And I have a hard time remembering plots, names, etc. I thought it was my age, LOL, but after awhile I do think a lot of books run together. It's not that they're carbon copies per se, but I do read an awful lot and it takes something special to rise to the top.

  5. I don't read Winfree but checked Samhain and they have Uncovered as her last book. Didn't see anything else about her.

    I'm finishing up I Am Number Four and Sureblood. I'm listening to Brockmann's Troubleshooter series. I was never a big Sam & Alyssa fan but they're growing on me. :)

  6. Linda had a little break from writing, but she's back and writing again. She's writing another Hearts of the South novel, and one for a new series.

  7. Oh, thanks, Lynne! Glad to hear everything is ok and that she's writing away! I'll look forward to the next book :)

  8. I just discovered Linda Winfree a couple weeks ago and glommed 4 of her books in a row. I really felt the emotion in her writing and she is one of my new favorites. I googled her to see if she was still writing since her website hadn't been updated in a year and came across another author's post that she was taking time off to work on her Master's. I hope she gets back to writing soon.

    Troy Lee FTW!

  9. Ooooh. Just finished reading the comments. Thanks, Lynne, for the info. *happydance*

  10. Winfree remains on my TBR list--which I am determined to whittle. BEFORE retirement, LOL.

    If I hurry now, I may be able to catch up with this author. ;-)

  11. I don't really fall back on a particular genre. If I could, I would pick up urban fantasy or contemporary romance... but sometimes, I just pick up historical because there's so many of them LOL.

    I need to read Ms Winfree. Whenever you or Holly mention her, that's what I think :P

  12. Oh Anja, LOVE Troy Lee!

    Phyl, I'm so glad it's not just me who can't remember!

    Nath, you read a lot more contemporary than I do as well as UF, which I don't read at all. Although I love contemps, I wonder why I don't read more of them. Hmmm....

    Lots of you read category as a quick go-to. I find I have to be in the mood for a category. Odd, no? Although I can usually pick up a HSR and read it any old time, no questions asked.


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