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Caught by Cupid Anthology by Maya Banks, Bianca D'Arc & Gwendolyn Cease

Overheard by Maya Banks

Gracie Evans wants a Valentines she won’t forget. Luke Forsythe plans to give her exactly what she wants.

Gracie Evans is a woman tired of the men in her life not satisfying her in bed. She’s had a string of boyfriends, but none of them have come close to satisfying the vivid fantasies she has. Two weeks before Valentine’s Day, she breaks up with her latest boyfriend after a night of lackluster sex.

When her good friend, Luke Forsythe, overhears her talking to their friend Shelly about what she really wants, he’s stunned. And very turned on. Gracie thinks there isn’t a man alive who can satisfy her in bed. Luke aims to prove her wrong.

This story is tied to Maya's previous release entitled Understood. This story focus' on Gracie and her inability to find a man who can accept her wild side when it comes to things sexual. She's tired of holding back her in Bad Girl and is dying to set her free. While at a BBQ at her friends house she confides her want and desires. Unknown to Gracie her friend Luke overhears her and decides that he is more than man enough to show Gracie how good it can be to be bad.

From the beginning I pulled in to the story. The fact that Grace and Luke were such good friends only made the story stronger and had me routing that they would end up together.

Grace is a independent woman who is in control of her life and looking for a man to complete her. Luke is a man looking for the one woman who can challenge him in everything, but is willing to take all he has to offer to her sexually.He is looking for a little sweet submission.

The story has a nice mix of emotion as well as some very hot sex scenes, including one very yummy police officer named Wes. I will say this though if you are not a fan of menages this book will not be for you. I did, however, hear it directly from Maya Banks that this officer will have his own story.

All in all this was enjoyable read. It was novella size so it was quick to read, but still managed to develop the characters enough that I was capitivated by them. I just wonder where can a gal get a Luke or a Wes of her very own.

I really enjoy Maya's books and this is one is more proof as to why she has three books in the top ten in sales over at Samhain. I'm looking forward to Undenied and any other future titles from this author.

Forever Valentine by Bianca D'Arc

A Valentine’s date gone wrong marks the beginning of a love that will last for all time.

Jena knows about vampires, particularly about the one who watches her every step, lest she somehow reveal her knowledge to the mortal world. Ian Sinclair would be her executioner should she even try to share her knowledge, but she doesn’t fear him. No, Ian bothers her on an even more elemental level. He’s just too sexy for his own good—and hers.

Ian finds himself attracted to the all-too-mortal lady doctor, though he knows better. He’s been assigned to watch her, not seduce her, but seduction seems to be all he can think of when he looks at the gorgeous woman who works entirely too hard and has such sad eyes. He feels things he hasn’t felt in centuries when she’s around, including an unreasonable jealousy when he follows her on a Valentine’s date with one of her colleagues.

After the disastrous date, will they both be able to resist temptation when Jena invites the vampire in?

I'm no stranger to Bianca's books, her dragons are to die for so I was certain her Vampires would be just as good. This is the story of Jena and Ian, she's the doctor friend to a few newly turned woman and Ian is the enforcer sent to ensure she keeps their secret.

Jena is a example of the kind of heroine that I find I'm looking for more and more these days. She is strong and independent, looking for man who is her match. She doesn't need a man to be content, no she just wants someone to love and to have them love her back.

Ian is what you would expect from a vamp, cocky without to much conceit and confident with more than enough muscle to back it up. I instanly liked him. Their is somthing about a vamp or were that gets me everytime. Strong silent and all the way alpha, but with just enough softness for you to know if he set his sights on you he would have you. The story introduces characters that had me wondering if they had their own stories since they were already together. After finishing the book I did some snooping and found three more books of hers that I now must add to my ever growing TBB pile.

One thing I appreciate about Bianca's books is her ability to keep you in the main plot, while I appreciate other characters and their development she never seems to lose sight of who and what the story is about. her twist and turns are there, but I never feel like I am off track or lost in her plot lines.

The only downside was that I didn't know that the other books came before this one. This is no reflection on the story mind you I just like to read in order. I would love some more books from Ms. D'Arc based on her vamps, they are just as good as her dragons. This book was another quick read and definitely a keeper.

Be Mine by Gwendolyn Cease

In a heated Valentine weekend, Caleb and Jacqueline explore just how far their friendship can go.

Caleb and Jacqueline have been friends for nearly two years since he was engaged to her best friend. But now the engagement is over and Jack wonders where they stand. Jacqueline wants to maintain their friendship, but would prefer so much more.

Caleb invites her to spend Valentine weekend with him at a bed & breakfast since he had made the reservations long before he and Claire broke up. Though the breakup with Claire was only a month ago, the relationship between them had been over long before that. Caleb wants Jacqueline and is prepared to do anything to get her.

And he doesn’t just want her for the weekend, he wants her forever. Caleb uses every strategy in his erotic arsenal to convince her she is more than just his friend—she is the woman he loves.

I'm a sucker for a book that has the lovers starting as friends and this book is no exception. Jack is a very likable character from page one, she seems to fit more into the every woman mold and as a woman with curves I appreciate that. She is strong and comfortable in her own skin. I found myself agreeing with other characters in this book when they wondered why she didn't have a man of her own.

Caleb is former military and the ex-finace of Jack's friend. he is what I would have expected him to be and he is yet another one of those Alpha males I love. Something about a man who lets you be an equal in life is a turn on and to that a good knowledge of when is the right time to take charge and he is this woman dream man. I admit to being a strong and independent woman, but damn part of me still wants someone to take care of me once in a while and see to my needs. Caleb sure did that for Jack and it made this book well worth the money spent.

Of the three books she is the only author who is new to me. After Be Mine I can't wait to see what she releases next. She is one author I will be watching for in the future.

Just a note: this anthology was released as a single print title and also as three seperate eBooks from Samhain Publishing. I was excited to see this publisher as well as others releasing books with a Valentine's theme. Nothing like a few good books to read to get you in the mood for love.

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